New online science fiction slot labeled BTG

Rome, 20/06/2022– The iGaming industry has been constantly innovating for a few years now, focusing mainly on compelling graphics, such as those offered by Big Time Gaming, an Evolution AB company now known to everyone for Megaways slots.

Recently, the casino provider released a new free 6-reel slot machine with Wild Portals and many sci-fi features. The epicenter of this type of slot is the theme of science fiction, which fascinates many fans. In this way, the setting tested in a
online casino
it approaches the science fiction always found in cinema.

Megaways’ engine has always driven the world of high-tech virtual games. An innovation favored by design in a new game that gives each spin a maximum of 117,649 modes. The graphics lend themselves to an online gaming option, available for all types of devices. In fact, a slot machine of this type can be played (without losing any feature) on any device that has a connection: smartphone, tablet, desktop. Interesting news, because you can try this type of game for free, in a demo to get to know its features better.

Technology and play

Players are increasingly choosing to play on the web, from their own place. The increase was due to the pandemic, when standard slot rooms were closed, giving way to virtual casinos. The live games offered by the latter and the opportunity in some cases to try them in the free demo version, have made the gaming experience constantly improve to provide more and more advanced technologies and never approximate.

You can access the science fiction version with a Wild 2×2 portal: you play on a futuristic grid on reels from 2 to 5, to conquer the magic portal. Opening it will lead to a revelation with a random symbol, which can lead to different results. After each of these, you arrive in front of the Wild Portal, with a sort of Waterfall function to get even more opportunities to reach the final rush. Among the functions of this Wild Portals, there is also the Free Spins Roaming Wild: during the function, an unlimited Multiplier of the Wild Portal can appear.

The Wild Portal features the most technological feature of science fiction slots

We are facing a feature with technological and innovative flavors: Win Exchange. The latter gives the player the opportunity to get Free Spins or simply activate 8 of them.

A game full of experiences that significantly improves the user interface with technology. Not a bad visual experience, where the gamer will be exposed with the hull of a huge blue neon-lit spaceship in the background. A sound that accompanies the player just like in the most famous consoles throughout the game.

BTG CEO’s statements about Wild Portals

This is what Nik Robinson said in the face of an experience of innovation and a desire to offer more and more to the player of his company: “We are facing a space epic!”. He then focused on how much commitment there is to always bring new potential innovations to grow the liking curve of your company and satisfy the most creative players. This type of entertainment is designed especially for the most experienced players. This is how the CEO of BTG concluded, recalling how much this futuristic realization is consciously turning the game online, making it more and more competitive.

He went on to say that by delving deeper into the more nerdy and numerical point of view of the slot machine, the game is revealed when you load at least 75x a spin. In fact, you can take advantage of the above Win Exchange, exchanging this bet with as many as 8 free spins, thus activating the most beloved feature ever, namely Free Spins. The basic idea is to allow a further test for the player, that of Exchange or Withdrawal. Finally, the winnings are shown on a wheel with a very light color, or green, so that the gamer has a clear idea of ​​what he is doing.

In conclusion

The launch of Wild Portals has led to a real renewal for BTG, according to the CEO. The company, in fact, tried to adapt to the demand of the gamer, feeding the curiosity with something futuristic and science fiction that had not yet been seen. A real gaming opportunity equal to the products designed by iGaming giants for consoles, without losing sight of the idea that this is a game designed for mobile gaming. The opportunity becomes even more interesting when you think that Wild Portals can be played for free, without spending real money.

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