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In order to indicate which are the best foreign sites in Italy, we will adopt criteria that allow us to analyze these platforms, starting from the main expectations of the Italian player and the best games with well-differentiated characteristics.

Ways to play more popular than foreign casinos

Playing and betting safely and legally in foreign casinos means doing so without taking risks or venturing into unclear places. Consequently, in this post we will talk in detail about this essential aspect to offer you important information, very complete answers and a useful service.

Non-AAMS Casino

Many online casinos offer the same games as traditional ones. So you can opt for classic and new generation slots as well as table games like poker, blackjack, roulette and bingo. However, their bread and butter are slots that come in many shapes and sizes, from simple three-reel machines to more complex ones such as video slots and progressives. However, one characteristic they have in common is that they are easy to learn and do not require a degree in mathematics. Unlike poker and blackjack that force players to memorize complicated strategies in order to compete with each other, after a few spins these slots already provide necessary and useful cues to make targeted bets and achieve excellent winning combinations.

Different types of bets offered by non-AAMS casino bookmakers

Non AAMS Poker

The excitement offered by sports betting is like no other. Emotions rise and fall with sportsmen, adrenaline and optimism rise and triumph is sweet and profitable. It’s also no wonder that bookmaker sports betting has grown in popularity as more and more states have legalized the practice. Who is new, the concepts of winning and losing are, however, easy to understand. Having said that, it should be added that knowing them in depth not only gives you more betting options, but also gives you the opportunity to get good wins as you know what bet to place and when. In this regard we say to you: why not try these best betting sites that are not aams?

The most popular non-AAMS games

Gaming is an industry that draws diverse reactions from different parts of the world and has grown steadily over the past few decades to the point where it is projected to reach $92.9 billion in the United States alone by 2023. That said, he added that technological advances play an important role in the industrial development of the sector. In fact, today you don’t need to leave your home, as you can play in a casino and have many options. Below are some games that you will find in a typical licensed foreign casino.


These types of games can be found in different versions to meet different needs. A slot machine is usually a computerized version of a classic fruit machine that you can find in a typical land-based casino. However, some versions include additional symbols such as scatters, wilds and interactive bonus rounds. The user must then line up the winning symbols for any win to occur. However, the number of paylines will vary, so they can be 25 or 50, but also the type of 243 paylines. In this regard, here are 5 foreign casino slots that are very popular:

🟢Mega Moolah – It’s a fantastic slot that has the highest payout record.

🟢Planet of the Apes: is a NetEnt slot inspired by the movie Planet of the Apes.

🟢Pharaoh’s Fortune: It is an excellent slot signed by IGT with an RTP percentage of 96.98%.

🟢Pink Panther: This is another great slot that has an RTP of 95.39%.

🟢Jurassic Park is an exciting slot that can give you a lot of free spins and has an RTP of 96.67%.

Non AAMS Poker

These games were introduced in the 1970s and were known as video poker and had many similarities with various types of online slot machines. Today it is defined as simple and in which a participant receives five cards after making a bet. In many foreign casinos you can find poker in more than 100 variants and even live dealer type. If you are interested in this, click to learn more about non-AAMs poker. Obviously we are talking about a game of skill and therefore you will have to make well thought out decisions when you decide to make a specific move.

Non-AAMS slot

Many slots are by far the most popular choice among many casino lovers and since they first appeared, they have captured the imagination of land-based gambling sites and their popularity has grown exponentially. They are indeed simple games that require no knowledge or strategy and promise great potential rewards. This is why casino slots

foreign players are attracting more and more inexperienced and veteran players. So, you just need a bit of luck and an available budget, but don’t forget to always play responsibly. Having made this important and necessary premise, you should also know that the developers, given the constant success of many slot machines, have come up with a completely new idea. Therefore, today you can also find slots equipped with symbols to line up in a particular way on the reels (adjacent from left to right and in any position). This innovation has provided new opportunities as it allows you to create slot machines with up to 243 ways to win. Finally, you should know that when they were launched, these slots were immediately a huge success because especially when combined with various multipliers they offer truly superlative winnings.

Italian non-AAMS bingo sites

Bingo is one of the games most appreciated by users since it does not have an ADM license, so there is the possibility of taking advantage of various offers without maximum winnings and without particular limitations. Among other things, playing on foreign bingo platforms offers players important advantages such as a faster experience and earning money from the moment of registration. In this regard, foreign sites offer the possibility to play even for free, which is not possible if you play live in a land-based casino. Having said that, it should be added that foreign bingos can be found in at least three different ways and therefore deserve to be mentioned:

💠 75 Ball Bingo: This is a very popular version in North America and Canada and it’s also very fast. Also, the random numbers drawn are distributed in folders consisting of 5 horizontal and 5 vertical columns.

💠 80 Ball Bingo: It is another type of bingo that you can find in a non-Italian casino, it is similar to 75 ball bingo, especially for speed. However, the folders are divided into columns of different colors (blue, white, red and yellow) while the rows are made up of four numbers.

💠 90 Ball Bingo: It is a classic bingo based on the 90 drawn numbers. Each participant in this situation can take advantage of six folders (maximum number allowed) each of which includes three rows and nine columns. Each of the lines has four blank spaces and five numbers. Finally, bingo can be focused by completing an entire folder (15 numbers).

The reasons for the great popularity of non-AAMS sites

The constant search for financial and moral freedom is the main reason why many Italians prefer to choose NO AAMS casino sites that have authorized licenses such as the MGA of Malta or Curacao, just to name two of the most popular of the sector. Having said that, it should be added that unlike ours, foreign portals are subject to less strict controls and even the general regulations are not very restrictive. In this regard, see which are the best online and offline casinos in Italy. Thanks to this, Italians have the opportunity to obtain much higher winnings in terms of amount and also take advantage of various payment methods not present in Italian casinos such as cryptocurrencies.


The guide to non-AAMS services is complete, and we think we’ve given you some helpful tips on how to identify and recognize them, while also knowing what benefits they offer you. Now that you know a lot more, you can consider registering on a foreign site, as you will find safe, legitimate casinos with a normal license, although different from the Italian one.

Riccardo Bastoni: biography of the author

Riccardo Bastoni is a Milanese economist, graduated from Bocconi in 2011. He is also an iGaming expert who has won prizes of some value. Among the most prestigious are one obtained in 2019 by Poker Stars as the best poker expert and another in 2021 by the Italian iGaming as the best text creator for casino sites.

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