Sicilian casinos: from the glorious past to ideas for the future


It’s no secret that Sicilians are game lovers. Moving inside the island, you can see at a glance the large presence of slot rooms and casinos ready to accommodate players of all kinds. From the most essential rooms to those full of entertainment, the offer of places to vent your playful desires is really vast. Among the most popular is the Red Royale Casino in Taormina, which offers a wide range of VLT and slot machines in a well-kept and tastefully furnished environment. The offer is really suitable for everyone and, for the most demanding, Sicily also offers large bingo halls enriched with slot machines, roulette and other entertainment. Going down to the south, in Scicli, in the province of Ragusa, we find for example the Las Vegas slot room, which combines slot entertainment such as those on, timeless games such as billiards, carom and pinball.

But why are there so many casinos scattered in the Sicilian territory? Why is the passion for gambling so alive in the heart of the islanders? The answer is most likely to be found in the period when this wonderful land welcomed people from all over the world ready to enjoy, in addition to the fantastic view and excellent food, also a beautiful palace in which to challenge fate and have fun: the beautiful casino of Taormina.

The casino in Sicily, a passion that has its roots in history

It was 1963 when, in the beautiful city of Taormina, the famous casino of Villa Mon Repos was founded. It is one of the most important and famous casinos in the world, characterized by extreme luxury and sophistication. The casino became very popular and was able to accommodate, until the day of its closure, countless high-profile figures and Hollywood stars. The structure, able to attract players and fans from all over the world, made the fortune of the characteristic hilly city that, from that moment, began to shine becoming a real pearl of the Sicilian coast. Not only that, the importance of the Villa Mon Repos casino is also linked to an economic factor: the structure has in fact created new jobs for the citizens of the island.

A few years later, when gambling halls were declared illegal, the casino in the beautiful coastal city was forced to close. Although the closure was a severe blow to the population, it was not enough to erase the Sicilians’ passion for gambling. To date, the few surviving casinos in Italy are mostly in the north, but the island has the largest number of croupier schools in Italy. Just like that, Caltanissetta, Palermo, Catania and many other cities host the best schools to become a dealer and learn how to manage the game tables.

This fact, combined with the fact that 11% of Italian players belong to Sicily, favors the thought that the ideal place for a new casino would be the enchanting island. It is no coincidence that many proposals have been made over the years, and one of these concerns the reopening of the Taormina casino. At the moment, given the current laws, the idea has not been accepted but this does not mean that it will never be considered. The elegance and splendor of yesteryear could once again give visibility and popularity to the already beautiful Sicily.

The great possibilities offered by the casino

There are places that live purely from the tourism generated by gambling halls: just think of Las Vegas, or the nearest Malta. These are places whose economy is supported almost exclusively by the numerous players who go to their casinos at any time of the year.

For Sicily, this could be a great opportunity that adds to the many cultural and natural attractions of this land. There are those who have proposed new spaces to be used as recreational places, those who have even launched the idea of ​​a floating casino: most of the inhabitants and workers of the region believe that rediscover the charm of a bygone era by creating new places for gambling. It can be a great advantage in terms of economy and visibility for Sicily and for the whole of Italy. If the voice of the people is heard, you can relive the thrill of a bygone era in modern times: more efficient services, better facilities, and more qualified staff could create gaming experiences you have never experienced before.

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