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Among the most iconic and symbolic casino games, slot machines are the real fun of the facilities. They are able to attract millions of people every year. The charm of the lowering lever and the rotating rollers are a great classic in the culture of the game.

Over time, this game, the first icon of terrestrial gambling halls, has become an object of fun for those who decide to rely on online casinos. In fact, digitization has made it possible to find a series of reproductions of the famous gaming machines around the web. Online searches of users for free slot machines go crazy, just to play for the pleasure of doing so.

Obviously we are talking about an entertainment with a century-old history, which since its creation has never distorted its essence. But when are slots born?

Charles Fey’s brilliant idea

As mentioned earlier, slot machines have a centuries-old history. In fact, the first prototype was invented in 1895, precisely in San Francisco, by the Bavarian mechanic Charles Fey. Charles, who was born and raised in Germany, decided to change his life at a young age and move to California, where he was hired by The Electric Work Company. This is where the magic happens: the first slot machine is born.

It contained five rollers inside a thin sheet. The winning line was only one and there was the famous lever that, if lowered, would start the mechanism. Obviously the invention of the most skeptical was not seen in a good light, so they gave these games nicknames of all kinds, including “Bandits with one arm.” We are talking about a real brilliant idea, which will forever change the life of the German Fey, born from a poor family, who in a short time will find himself opening a factory for the development of slot machines.

Over the years they were perfected and improved, so much so that in the 60’s electromechanical slots were introduced, so we are talking about games with mechanical and electrical parts; in the 1980s, however, they were replaced by electric ones. This led to a complete revolution in the world of gaming and slots. All the mechanisms of the “devil”, as claimed by many, were replaced by those with less cumbersome keys.

It also improved the graphics, which were much smoother and more enjoyable, and the speed of the game clearly increased. The keys went to replace the lever, as they were going to generate complex algorithms for the output of the random combination. However, they are not lacking in the slot rooms that are operated by lever, for the most nostalgic, because in the end the beauty of this game is to lower the mechanism and hope to win.

Nowadays, with the advent of the internet, the gaming world has adapted, bringing to the stage digital representations of this timeless title. In online casinos you can find a large number of slot machines, from classic ones to those inspired by great movies and TV shows.

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