Online casino fashion has exploded. In fact, in recent years, also accompanied by the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an exponential growth in gaming platforms. Fans were attracted by the ability to easily access, and at hand, their own account, allowing them to play where they want and when they want. Inside the sites we find titles that have made the history of land and digital casinos, we are talking about games such as: Poker, pinnacle, roulette, blackjack and slot machines.

“Devil’s machines”, formerly called slots, are the most popular game. We all have in mind the classic crank that lowers and allows the rollers to turn, creating the combination that could be a winner. Now the mechanism works differently, with the crank replaced by an online key capable of creating a random combination.

There are many slot machines on the net, with different themes. Over the years, online casino game makers have created a series of machines dedicated to the great movies of world cinema, such as Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, or inspired by timeless video games such as Tomb Rider, which tells the adventures of the beautiful Lara Croft.

Finally there are slots designed for sports fans. It is not uncommon to find games dedicated, for example, to the world of football, just as it is not uncommon to find them on basketball. In particular, the slot machine designed by Micrograming: Basketball Star is attracting the attention of fans of popular sports.

The characteristics of Basketball Star

Obviously we are talking about a Microgaming product, therefore of the highest quality. The technical performance is incredible, as well as the graphics taken care of in every detail, accompanied by immersive and immersive sounds.

The intro of Basketball Star is already iconic: all to the rhythm of music that will allow you to enter the playing rectangle. Of course, the stars of world basketball could not be missed inside.

The slot consists of 5 reels, with 243 winning lines. As symbols we find shoes, soft drinks, medals and many others. Winning symbols such as wild, stacked wild, scatter also alternate. Interestingly, the explosion of a stack of wilds causes the probability of Big Win to exponentially increase.

Keep an eye on the free spin bonus game. Free spins usually arrive after about 50-100 paid rounds. Of course you have to play to get them, but once used the reward is around the corner and fun guaranteed.

We have many free spins, up to 25 in a row and with multipliers. In fact, the winnings made within the rounds given away by the slot machine allow you to enjoy the winning multiplier: 3X, 4X and 10X.


In short, Basketball Star is the perfect slot machine for those who want to combine basketball and online casinos. It allows you to enter the playing rectangle and immerse yourself completely in the exploits of the great champions of this sport. In addition, the Microgaming guarantee is high and fun is always guaranteed.

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