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How to find a legal casino without an Italian license

Online casinos can specialize in various games of chance such as roulette, poker, baccarat, slot machines and so on. There are different rules on gambling promulgated by different nations of the world. Some nations simply ban online gambling altogether, while others impose very strict rules. Some countries, however, have laws that allow online casinos to operate freely even internationally.

Where online casinos are allowed, they must obtain the appropriate licenses. The licensing body is usually issued by the national institutions. The license obtained certifies the legality of the casino, which meets certain requirements necessary to obtain the authorization itself.

Each license has a unique number, the name of the organization that issued the license, the web address of the online casino, and the expiration date. Each time the license is renewed, the online casino must undergo new checks. These include software reliability.

A legal online casino will be monitored by the authorities of the country in which it is authorized. Monitoring is important because it ensures that matches are played correctly and that players are legally protected.

Government agencies that issue licenses for online gaming

It is the countries that issue this type of license. For Italy, the body that deals with it is the ADM (Excise Customs and Monopolies) formerly known as AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies).

Unfortunately, the Italian license for online gaming has certain parameters that make it very difficult for an investor to acquire it. For this reason, many groups active in online gaming opt for a foreign license with which they can accept players from different parts of the world. Unfortunately, in Italy, whether for a non-objective press or to protect someone’s interests, non-AAMS casinos are portrayed as illegal gambling sites.

In fact, there are several reliable licenses issued by institutions that legislated long before our country. From this derive rules that protect the player and offer maximum transparency despite being non-Italian laws.

Among the countries that have regulated the game the most and whose licenses are widely used are: Curaçao, Gibraltar, Malta and Great Britain. Each of these states has set the conditions for obtaining the license, seeking a fair balance between the rights of the player and the operations for the entrepreneur. This explains the large number of licensed online casinos in these countries.

How to check the license of a non-AAMS casino

There are three ways to verify that your online casino is licensed and reliable:

Presence of license references on the casino home page. There should be a clicked link which provides the details of the authorization directly on the website of the body that issued the permit to operate online. Search the internet for the licensee’s website. A reputable licensee will have a list of dealers (licensed online casinos) to check the presence of the online casino. Then there is another method of control but it may take some time. Ask the institution directly for information on the validity of a license issued. However, it may take some time as these bodies are not required to provide answers.

Curaçao licensed online casino

The island of Curaçao is currently the most used solution by online casinos that, with a single license, want to operate in as many countries as possible. Curaçao has greatly facilitated the industry by offering low costs and favorable taxation. The license is obtained after several checks and is issued by one of the four official bodies that deal with this on behalf of the island government.

Licenses issued by Gibraltar

The small town of Gibraltar has always made financial and gambling licensing one of its main economic sectors. The small size of the place does not allow the development of industrial activities or that require a lot of space. That is why the service industry here is very developed. The organization that issues licenses to online casinos in the country has a long history and a great reputation.

You can find a list of all licensed online casinos in Gibraltar on the official website of the government agency.

Licenses for online gaming in Malta

With the same problems as Gibraltar, the small size of the territory has made Malta one of the capitals of online gaming. Malta imposes strict requirements on online casino operators and requires regular reports on financial activities. In addition, it closely follows issues of fairness and the protection of players’ rights.

You can find a list of all licensed online casinos in Malta on the licensee’s official website. In addition, you can be assured that an online casino registered in this country will put the link to the licensee’s website at the bottom of the home page without any hesitation.

Gaming licenses of Great Britain

The Anglo-Saxon world has a long tradition of betting and gambling. For this reason, the licenses of Great Britain are considered among the best from the point of view of player protection. If the player’s rights have been violated, he can file a complaint with the authorities, who will launch an investigation into the activities of the online casino.

It is also easy to verify that a particular casino is licensed by the UK authorities. You simply access the website of the English gambling agency and enter the name of the site. You will get all the information including any sanctions you have suffered in the past.

If an online casino has a reliable license, it means that it operates in accordance with the rules, pays taxes, uses reliable software and is fair to customers. Often the search and control are done in just a few clicks. Quick operations that can dispel any doubts and affect the choice of the right non-AAMS casino to play legally and safely.

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