Slot machine, how the algorithm works

Online you can have many experiences and have fun in many different ways. One of these is definitely the online casinos, which have come to the fore in recent years thanks to the evolution of technology. Gaming platforms, also complicit in the various lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, have become a solid reality, competing a lot with physical gaming rooms: the reason is simplicity and practicality, as with a single click you can enter the world of casinos, without necessarily taking the car and moving from one place to another.

One of the symbols of this industry is undoubtedly the slot machine. Over the years, the popular secular game has been able to adapt to the times and the needs of the people. Even its online version is in high demand, with a number of free slot machines that continue to entertain thousands of users.

But what made this game so successful? One of the probable explanations lies in its operation. In fact, you do not have to know the internal mechanism perfectly, there are no ways to win: you pull the lever or press a button, leaving fate to fate. The unpredictability of this game has pushed him into the Olympus of casinos, bringing constant fun and winnings.

How the slot mechanism works

We all know how a slot works: once you choose the bet and pull the lever, you attract a mechanism that spins the reels, forming a certain combination. Goal of the game is to be able to line up equal symbols.

Current video slots have microprocessors (called RNGs) inside which the symbols have a certain probability of alignment and frequency. The microchip, therefore, processes the exact sequence that will appear on the reels and if it is considered a winner, there will be the long-awaited award.

Clearly it must follow cycles, with an indecipherable series of rotation of the rollers. What is certain is that the slot must comply with a certain payout, ie it must pay a certain percentage of payment to the player compared to what it has received. Everything is decided by the ADM (for the nostalgic AAMS), the body that regulates and manages the game in Italy.

Random Number Generators

The concept of RNG is fundamental to fully understanding the workings of the “devil’s machines.” A tiny processor of a few millimeters is able to decide the fate of its bets, generating a random result in the rotation of the rollers.

The statistics around this “gadget” talking about a value produced between zero and four trillion numbers per portion of a second. In short, it never stops generating numbers, it is in constant motion. Even in absolute calm, with the slot off, the processor continues to produce an infinite number of numbers using a complex algorithm. In short, the sequence of symbols that makes us scream with joy is nothing more than the result of a numerical code developed by the RNG.

In order to ensure the correctness of the game, the microchip must be calibrated with extreme precision and no one can test or try to guess how it works, not even the casinos. It is always under the control of the ADM to verify that there is no damage to the player.


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