New Mexico Casino Selects OPTX for Slot Analysis and Recommendations

LAS VEGAS, June 29, 2022 / PRNewswire / – OPTX, a leading casino intelligence agency, is excited to announce its partnership with Isleta Resort & Casino of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Isleta Resort & Casino has selected OPTX Slots and Slots AI for its slot analytics platform. While these products focus on the same operational department, the two products will contribute distinct operational value within Isleta’s slots department. OPTX Slots contains real-time high-level daily KPIs, comprehensive reports, optimization tools, and machine performance tracking to help streamline daily operations and data-driven decision making. Slots AI utilizes AI and machine learning models to generate recommendations for relocation, conversion, removal, replacement, and revising of machines for total floor optimization.

Sue Mulholland, Slot Director at Isleta Resort & Casino, is looking forward to utilizing the OPTX platform. “After thorough research of all the options for slots floor optimization, we’ve decided to proceed with OPTX for a number of reasons. Most importantly, OPTX has an invariable track record of providing the most comprehensive intelligence in the market, putting its clients at the forefront of the casino industry. ” Mulholland further praised OPTX’s Slots and Slots AI products, stating, “OPTX will provide powerful analytics and operational functionality for my entire department, helping us make smarter, faster decisions that will ultimately drive a better experience for our guests.”

The opportunity to partner with yet another leading casino is a step forward in OPTX’s mission to revolutionize the casino industry with never-before-seen technology. OPTX co-CEO Brooke Fiumara stated, “Isleta was looking for the best-in-class slot analytics and AI tool in the market to assist their team and drive profitability and performance. That’s exactly what they’ll get with OPTX.”

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OPTX was founded in mid-2019 by former casino executives who believe only through the union of operations, people and technology can impactful results be achieved. The OPTX solution is designed from the ground up to simplify complex processes and improve operational efficiency. As an enterprise technology solution for casino operators, OPTX gathers the meaningful player data from multiple source systems, cleanses it and then presents it in an understandably clear way. For more information about OPTX go to


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