Homer’s poems as inspiration for online games

The masterpieces of history and literature have always been the protagonists of entertainment. Many games take inspiration from antiquity to recreate famous people in a modern way. One of these examples is Ulysses slot, a Homeric-inspired machine that is very common in bar rooms and recently also online. People who often play slots will certainly have seen this version at least once, indulging in a game in search of the lucky combination.

Recently, online editions have also been made that can be found on the main betting sites. Internet casinos are a great choice for anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to physically go to a gambling hall or bar. There are very exciting games on the web that offer the opportunity to earn very significant figures.

Among the protagonists of the Homeric-themed slots is without a doubt the Maga Circe. Legend has it that the mysterious woman lived on an island where she was used to practicing strange types of magic. When the men approached, he welcomed them benevolently into his own canteen, with an act of seduction from which they could not escape. Later, people were poisoned and turned into pigs. Only Odysseus was able to implement appropriate countermeasures, aided by the deities, and then save his fellow travelers.

Ulysses Slots is an addictive game, which can also be found in online casinos, with the most reliable betting companies offering bonuses with or without deposit. Keeping up to date with the latest news is the best suggestion to intercept promotional initiatives that are activated on a regular basis. The Ulisse online slot was designed by Capecod, an Italian company that was able to develop a project with impeccable graphic details and excellent gameplay.

How much can you win at the Ulysses slot machine? The maximum cash prize threshold, calculated on the single combination, is up to 1000 times the bet amount. There are many possible combinations and trying to get kissed by the blindfolded Goddess is a great opportunity not to run away for any reason.

In the Ulysses slot the wild symbols are the Mermaid and Ulysses himself. There are also the Trojan Horse, the scatter represented by the Maga Circe and the Cyclops, the helmet, the boats, the shields and the swords. Finally, there are the letters J, Q and K.

Another mythological online game that catches the attention of virtual casino lovers is Rise Of Olympus. In this case there may be big surprises related to superpowers and cascading symbols. The value of the bet can be multiplied, guaranteeing the player a really interesting win. The symbols of Rise Of Olympus are deities, Pantheon, statues, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. To further encourage the reckless, free spins and bonuses are offered. The graphics and soundtrack are extremely eye-catching, so trying this slot machine is a great idea. There are no deposits to leave and no registration required.

If the user wants to play using the new communication systems, he can do so directly from the phone or tablet but also on the PC. You can even take advantage of the free credits that are recognized online by the platform.

Epic slot machines are a great pastime as well as a fun way to remember the characters in the poems we all studied in school. With a pinch of luck you can turn a small amount into a nice chunk of money, as long as you can catch the winning combination. Mythology is an ideal topic to frame this exciting adventure.

Find the Odyssey slot or epic themed game you like best, bet and try your luck.

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