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Below are a few gaming and gambling terms you might here on a casino floor:

Snake eyes: Rolling two ones with the dice.

Bet: A single wager of money on a game.

Bankroll: Your amount of money set aside for gambling.

Action: The play on the casino floor.

Ante: A bet before each player receives their cards.

Cage: The location of the casino cashiers.

Carousel: When a group of slot machines is arranged in a circular formation.

Cold: A losing streak. This can apply to a player, a table or a machine.

Craps: A shooter rolls the dice while others can bet on different results during the game. It’s usually offers one of the most exciting atmospheres on the casino floor.

Dog: Short for underdog. This is the team which bookmakers assume will lose the game.

Double Down: A bet of equal size to an initial bet.

Face Cards: Any card with a face on it – kings, queens, and jacks.

George: A generous tipper

Hot: A winning streak.

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High Roller or “whale”: Someone who bets a high dollar amount.

Hit: Taking another card.

Jackpot: A jackpot is the largest available prize.

Loose: A machine that will pay out generously.

On tilt: A gambler that has reacted to losing after playing uncontrollably and wild.

Pigeon: A gambler who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Progressive Jackpot: A slot machine that has a prize that increases progressively with every play.

Rolling bones: Playing craps, tossing the dice

Beginner’s Luck: someone new to gambling who is on a winning streak.

Tapping Out: A player is done playing and betting. It can also be when a player has completely lost their bankroll.

Vig: Vig, or vigorish, is the cut or amount charged by a sportsbook for taking a bet, also known as juice in slang terms.

Chips: Tokens that represent money

Classic slots or Fruit Machine: The first slot machines. They have three reels and many use fruit as symbols.

Dime: A bet of $ 1,000.

Nickel: A bet of $ 500.

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