And five best films inspired by casinos

The cinema and the betting world have always been connected by a single common thread. There are many examples of famous films that take inspiration from the green table. The fascino della roulette e delle slot machine has never witnessed a crisis and in any period it can notice a revival of gambling in a modern way.

Internet betting companies have developed innovative systems to reproportionate the main casino games. Allowing users to interact remotely has represented a huge advantage, with the convenience of seeing the score and progress of the game on the display. From now on, the casino is not only the place where you physically go, but it has become a reality that you can access even from your smartphone. I nuovi casino en ligne propongono bonus scommesse davvero interessante. Beyond the limit, there are numerous companies that offer the opportunity to have discounts and benefits for new subscribers, by registering on the portal and inserting their general information.

Even Hollywood has taken advantage of the popularity of casinos to cash in on movie theaters. The binomial between gambling and cinema is now a consolidated practice and, as I read in this article, there are films that have made history and that deserve to be seen. Here is an interesting selection of the five best films inspired by casinos.

1) Ocean’s Eleven

The film is very famous, even in the light of the interpretation of George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, who together make up an incredibly talented cast. Danny Ocean gets out of prison and finds a friend who teaches poker by trade. From whom the proposal to rob casinos that are found in Las Vegas, having to overcome the strict security measures of the structures.

2) Fear and delirium in Las Vegas

Johnny Deep is the protagonist of a literally psychedelic trip in America. On the itinerary he is accompanied by an extravagant lawyer for the writing of a sports article. And problems with the authority and with the game of gambling are not long in coming.

3) Casino

It is a classic and an absolute masterpiece signed by Martin Scorsese. Robert De Niro is the right actor to give an inimitable imprint to the recital. Many people consider it as the most beautiful film ever produced on the subject of casinos. The plot exposes the double face of the event in Las Vegas, with easy money on one side and savage criminality on the other. The violence is a distinctive feature of the film, which offers interesting points even from a historical and social point of view, recounting the illegal activity of the United States.

4) Casino Royale

The 007 series reaches its 21st chapter with Casino Royale, played to perfection by Daniel Craig as James Bond. The mastermind of a murder is a banker who is also an expert poker player. Il sabotaggio degli agents reduces the gambler in a tide of debt. The banker then decides to organize a rich game of Texas hold ’em in the Casino Royale located in Montenegro. Bond must then face the criminal on the green table.

5) The Hangover

Another film inspired by casinos is The Hangover, a really funny comedy that tells the story of a curious goodbye to celibacy set in Las Vegas. The game in question that comes affronted by one of the film’s protagonists is Black Jack.

The list of films about gambling could continue with La stangata, Il giocatore, Lock & Stock, Cincinnati Kid, Maverick, 21, Kaleidoscope and many others. Surely you’ve wanted to try your luck at a slot machine on the internet, at a card game or at roulette. Find the best online casinos and bet immediately.

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