Italiani and the Internet: what, how and when

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AgenPress. On average, Italians spend more than 6 hours on the Internet a day, playing, working and more. Technology and smartphones have become an essential part of Bel Paese days, which always work online instead of offline. What do Italians do when they connect to the Internet? The habits are varied and varied, they change even during the pandemic.

It’s time to learn something new

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One of the most useful instruments to understand what Italians do when they go online is Google trend research. The results of 2021 showed that Italians are curious and learn new things every day. For example, they learn how to cook pizza, and fill croissants and learn how to make sourdough at home. In short, even in the Italian digital world, the kitchen is the protagonist.

Online, if you also learn how to garden, plant an avocado to make a plant grow or how to cure a garden. Thanks to YouTube videos, Facebook groups and many other digital tools, you can learn everything online. How to make sushi at home.

I play online

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Role-playing games, community games, puzzles, brain teasers and online casinos. Surely, the Italians love to play, a fun way to pass the time even with their friends. Especially online casinos, which allow Italian players to have fun with hundreds of slot machines, live card tournaments and online roulette.

“Gli italiani amano i casino online,” said Luigi Conti, the editor of the roulette site “Casino games are an integral part of Italian culture. The Italians love the adrenaline of casinos with real money and the transition to the digital world has increased its popularity”.

But online games are also suitable for little ones, who can have fun with brain teasers, puzzles and digital versions of checkers or chess.

The app world

Italians are certainly not immune to the fascination of apps for iOS or Android. So much so that, on average, an Italian spends 5 hours on the app. Perhaps it is not a surprise that social media such as Facebook and Instagram are still more popular. Or TikTok, which has broken any download record in the entire world. However, in 2021 in Italy, the most used app was the one related to Covid-19, such as Immuni or PosteID.

Fashion apps and second-hand products like Vinted are also growing, while messaging apps (WhatsApp and Messenger) continue to remain at the top of the rankings. Finally, just as popular in Italy are streaming apps with Dazn, Disney+ and Netflix at the forefront. In short, the Italians love the app. It’s better to be free.

It’s time for wild shopping

Everyone and I confirm it: the online shopping sector is impossible to stop. Also in Italy. There are hundreds of platforms to purchase clothing, electronics, furniture, design, pharmacy and more. It exists, if you can buy your Internet. From big names in the sector like Nike and Adidas to small artisans who sell candles or bracelets on Etsy. Thanks to online promotions come Black Friday, and Italian consumers shop online. One click alla volta.

What do Italians do online? Di tutto, dall’imparare una nuova lingua thanks to an app fino ad acquistare and regali di Natale. Online, si gioca anche al casino. Online, everything is possible.

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