The Psychology Of Music In Slot Machines

Music is known to have a lot of health benefits, apart from the many health benefits it is also known to change the way we think. In today’s article, we go over just why every slot machine uses background music and how it affects us psychologically whether for better or for worse.

Main Effects Of Music

Music, depending on the genre, can have different effects on our behaviors as stated earlier.

Music can set the tone for the environment you are gaming in. Most of the online gaming played is done through the use of mobile devices and usually while on the go. Music can help us detune from regular life and just settle into a new atmosphere.

Music can help us focus on the now and that means we aren’t looking at the time. Music can create some unique experiences and is one of the last fading memories even in patients of dementia. Setting the right background music can also improve the overall quality of the gaming environment.

Slot Machines

Slot machines have been in the gambling industry for decades and make up some of the easiest and most regularly played games both online and at local casinos. Local casinos figured out the role of music and background sound a long time ago.

Songs affect our mood, performance and general behaviours. Casinos were quick to understand the power music really holds. In fact, online casinos have followed suit and you won’t find top casinos with no background music while you game.

If you click here you can find the top slots from a trusted casino, each of these particular slot games will have their own themed music to go with the overall gameplay.

Bad Cases Of Music In Slots

If the slot game of choice is based on space, one wouldn’t expect to hear rock beats in the background. In doing so it makes immersing ourselves in the game more troubling. This would further be the case if the space slot machine game was super fast-paced and the rock music playing were ballads.

This creates a dilemma in our minds where the sound and what we are seeing doesn’t seem to add up. It’s as if watching a movie with actors’ lines coming out delayed is, in essence, an unenjoyable experience.

God Cases Of Music In Slots

Music is there to keep us entertained and hooked to our screens, if it’s used in a manner like the case previously mentioned it loses out on the target. Let’s take a motorcycle gang-inspired slot machine with super fast-paced gameplay. One would imagine hearing heavy rock or metal tracks in the background music to accompany the fast gameplay and scenery.

The right tracks can make all the difference. Having the best Led Zeppelin tune on your fishing slot machine pokie is not going to make the fishing pokie more fun but less entertaining since the audio and visuals are in a constant battle.


The psychology behind the music we hear when playing our favorite slots is fairly simple. These games and online casinos want us to spend more time at their online establishments. In order to achieve this goal, music is used and when done right it will have gamers forget about the time and casually enjoy the music bliss. In other words, just like there’s much to discover from the Boo Hewerdine “Understudy” Album review, there’s much to learn about the many physiological effects music has on our behaviourisms.

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