Holidays and entertainment in the best casinos in Las Vegas but also in Europe, Italy and China

Casino fans will surely have noticed that their sites like are so many in the category dedicated to the most famous gaming rooms in the world, built like a veritable temple of fun that offers not only entertainment but also entertainment and svaghi of all kinds: restaurants, shops, health centers, swimming pools, even the reconstruction on a scale of entire cities like Venice.

These are the most valid reasons to visit not only this casino but also the city where they are located. Here’s where to spend a vacation between fun, relaxation and maximum comfort.

And Las Vegas casino

There are about 104 casinos scattered around the city most famous for gambling and entertainment, 30 of which are only on the bright Strip. The Bellagio and the Caesars Palace are definitely the most famous, having appeared in many Hollywood movies and both dedicated to Italian beauty, the first to the city of the same name that reflects on Lake Como, the second to the monument of the Roman Empire with all its more famous buildings still perfectly standing today in the Eternal City. In these two casinos it is possible to live a dream vacation with comfort and eating in the most prestigious restaurants, as well as playing roulette, poker or slot machines. Another casino is the Venetian, where the entire city of Serenissima is reconstructed with all its monuments and navigable canals in a gondola.

And Italian casinos

Su tutti, the Casino di Venezia, the first casino in the world because it was opened in the distant 1638. It is currently located on the Grand Canal and is a structure of great impact, where you can spend a few days enjoying yourself, admiring the beauty of the city.

Even the Sanremo Casino is among the oldest, it was inaugurated in 1905 and has always hosted events, demonstrations, and even the Sanremo Festival from the 1950s to the 1970s. Vittorio De Sica, was an affezionato frequentatore di questo casino.

Monte Carlo and Baden

The Monte Carlo Casino is among the oldest in the world, the third, active since the 19th century. There are so many VIPs and its structure is a real museum in its own right, with precious windows, statues and paintings among the most beautiful in the world. Trascorrere una vacanza qui, mean vivere a pieno la storia dei casino.

The Casino of Baden was inaugurated in the first half of the 19th century but was already active after the mid-18th century. This small architectural pearl is immersed in an immense green space and is perfect for spending a few relaxing days.

The Venetian Macao in China

There are so many slots inspired by this casino, the largest in the world. It is also the seventh largest structure in the world. If you are inspired by the Venetian Casino which in turn takes its cue from the Serenissima and you can spend a vacation in its rooms, eat in the restaurants that offer the best international culinary tradition but also take a gondola ride, admire the Venetian bridge, and the monument, the chiese and go shopping.

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