Quanto frutta ogni anno il gioco legale allo Stato?

When you talk about gambling, usually, if you mention portals like LeoVegas, 888Casinò or Betflag, the opinion is divided. Some players prefer different types of portals while other people are simply not interested in the question, but all are united by the fact that the legal game is one of the major sources of income for the Italian State.

It is not in fact a case that, especially after the first “passage” of Covid-19 in the world in 2020, the online game has a greater dimension than the physical one. A rather natural consequence, not to say Lapalissian, given that with the quarantine it was not possible to leave the house if not for valid and well-justified reasons.

The covid, in the most difficult period of our recent history, has at least had the merit of accelerating the country towards a digital transition that for too long has been blocked and slowed down compared to other nations. In all sectors there has been a leap forward towards the use of digital channels. In the legal game, for example, if we talk about Betflag or other legal operators, numerous researches have been done on reviews of Betflag, to get an idea of ​​the types of games present, the policy and the comments of the experts.

Before going further, after finishing this brief introduction, we remind you of the case of the Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort in the United States of America that, to encourage its employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, has decided to offer them a bonus of 150 dollars . Usually, when you talk about online casinos like Betflag and similar, the question relative to bonuses is slightly different, but you will understand that the situation was very particular, so even the “remedy” was the same. Let’s go back to boy quindi!

Slot machine, poker, blackjack and similar: Betflag and colleagues make money for the State

In every review of Betflag and similar all gambling enthusiasts, and not, know perfectly that to evaluate the convenience and offer of a casino they also count the quantity and quality of the games offered. In this way, always more users, for the casino is better if they are new, they will decide to exploit the bonus, take a look or simply try their luck to make the state’s coffers gain more than their own.

The same thing is said when it comes to various lotteries, like Lotto and similar, and the concession fee for the management of gaming machines and so on. In all this, the question related to the PRICE and the tax on the winnings was not forgotten.

From 2020 to 2021: some numbers

Avrete dunque ben immaginato that it is not necessary to read the reviews of Betflag to understand how gambling, willingly or unwillingly, represents a more important resource for the Italian State treasury.

To that end, during an interview last year, sociologist and gambling expert in Italy Maurizio Fiasco had declared that “in normal times the State collects 11.8 billion euros from “physical” games and 350 million from “telematic” ones. Proprio il secondo, in terms of “remote” gambling, it has had a whirlwind growth in Italy since 2015, and in 2019 it had accounted for approximately 34 billion euros played. To understand: it was over 10 billion (with the first online casino), a volume equal to 3.4 times the initial one. Then, in the period of the lockdown, the online gambling game is still increased because it is not subject to restrictions, as instead it is touched on the “physical” one. And so, at the end of 2020 the balance of the online is about 44 billion, gross. Everything else happened to the so-called “terrestrial” game: it decreased more than half, falling to 25-26 billion”.

Today we can instead say that the income has increased by about 20% compared to 2020, the receipts have almost touched 12 billion, more than 3 billion are to be attributed to the PRICE for slot machines and video slots, about 200 million from the concession fee for the management of the telematic network for the gaming machines and for the numerical games at the national totalizer, little more than 12 billion from the different types of lotteries, games of instant extraction and so on.

Tutto questo, e molto di più, is contained in the Summary Account of the Treasury of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. This document highlights that the total of these gains is less than about 3 billion compared to 2019, but it still marks an improvement of almost 10 billion compared to 2020 and despite various lockdowns and forced and prolonged closures.

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