How much does it cost to enter the Casino of Lugano?

Il Casinò di Lugano is now a real excellence in the local entertainment industry. In addition to the large game room, inside the structure you can find many dimensions of entertainment. In addition, it is currently the only casino in Ticino that has its own platform dedicated to online gaming. How much does it cost to access this modern game house?

How much does it cost to enter the Casino of Lugano?

The characteristics of the Casino

The modern structure that can be seen today has taken the place of its ancestor, dating back to 1804. In 1885, instead, the Teatro di Lugano was built, which will also serve as the structure for today’s casino. In the course of the 20th century, the theater gradually began to transform into a true and proper gambling house, starting from the most common popular games to move on to true and proper gambling, until the arrival of slot machines. Since 1970, the municipality is the main shareholder of the casino. In 2002 instead, Casinò Lugano SA was born, a true and proper local leader in the sector, which has acted in the restyling of the structure as well as in the modernization of the casino concept, up to the point of heavy investments in online gaming, with the birth in 2021 of

What does casa da gioco offer?

Inside the building, in addition to the real game room, where you can play the most common and entertaining games of chance, there is a restaurant, a lounge bar, and the most famous disco in the city: il Seven.

The casino is now in a non-indifferent competitive environment: in addition to the already present Casino Admiral di Mendrisio, the Casino di Campione d’Italia, the largest in Europe and one of the most famous in the world, recently reopened the failure of 2018. Moreover, it is appropriate to remember that the gambling house sector is experiencing a strong period of crisis, caused by the closure of the pandemic and the new habits of online gambling.

Despite this, the gaming experience is one of the main advantages of the company, always ready to innovate and expand its portfolio of games and entertainment. One proof is the strong investment of 5 million francs to open its own online gaming platform,

Does it pay to enter the Casino?

In short, like almost all casinos in the world, admission to the one in Lugano is absolutely free. Being in a border area, frequented by international clients, so all games, tables and slots are playable both in Swiss francs and in euros. It is also possible to charge your credit card and withdraw cash via ATM. A currency exchange service for dollars and sterling is also offered.

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