Can You Vape On A Cruise Ship? What You Must Know!

While the rules on smoking on a cruise ship are usually pretty clear – most people expect to only have smoking allowed in certain parts of the ship – the regulations around vaping are a little less obvious.

After all, vaping doesn’t have the same negative impact on other passengers. So, are the rules more relaxed? Or are you still limited to only small areas on your ship?

Let’s take a look.

Can you bring a vape pen on a cruise?

You are allowed to bring a regular vape pen onto a cruise ship, but be aware that they are considered to be in the same category as standard cigarettes and so can’t be used in your stateroom. You can’t bring a weed vape onto the ship, or any form of marijuana.

Despite marijuana becoming legalized in a number of countries and US states, it is completely banned from cruise ships which tend to follow US federal law.

This applies even if you are using medical marijuana – you’ll be told to speak to your doctor before you set sail to find an alternative for your time at sea.

Bringing weed onto a cruise ship could get you into serious trouble, including fines and potentially being thrown off the ship – even if that leaves you stranded in a foreign port.

And cruise lines are really strict on this, so they will search your luggage if they suspect you have drugs with you.

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But for regular vape pens, you won’t have any problems bringing those on board. Just be aware that your stateroom attendant, once they know you have a vape, will probably be looking out for signs that you’re using it in your room.

They are there to look after you, but also to look after other guests, and if they are worried that you could be impacting their stay then they will report you.

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Where can you vape on a cruise ship?

You aren’t allowed to vape in your stateroom on a cruise ship – this includes your own balcony. Cruise lines view vaping as being the same as normal cigarettes and so will only allow you to use them in designated areas around the ship.

These areas will vary depending on your cruise line and ship. Some cruise lines only allow smoking in outdoor spaces, while others have dedicated cigar lounges and other rooms on board.

Normally if there’s a nightclub then part of that will allow smoking. And in the casino, many cruise lines allow you to smoke (and therefore vape) while you’re playing a slot machine, but they often ban it for table games where you’re sharing the space with others.

Smoking areas are often indicated by the presence of ashtrays. But if you aren’t sure, then Guest Services can direct you.

Cruise Line Vaping Policies

Here’s a quick look at the vaping policies of some of the world’s biggest cruise lines:

Carnival Cruise Line Vape Policy

Carnival Cruise Line categorizes vaping and e-cigarettes in the same way that it does regular tobacco cigarettes. They can only be used in certain designated public areas of the ship. Weed vapes, along with all other forms of marijuana, are completely banned from the cruise line, even if medically prescribed.

According to Carnival’s smoking policy, guests caught smoking in their staterooms will have a $500 charge added to their onboard account. There is a list of public smoking areas on Carnival ships available to browse before you sail.

Royal Caribbean Vape Policy

Royal Caribbean only allows electronic cigarettes and vape pens to be used in designated smoking areas on-board. They are not permitted in staterooms or any indoor public area. Guests who smoke in their stateroom will be charged a $250 cleaning fee and may suffer further consequences.

The Royal Caribbean smoking policy explains where you will find the smoking areas on-board.

Princess Cruises Vape Policy

Princess Cruises does not allow the use of e-cigarettes and vapes outside of designated smoking areas, which include part of the nightclub and the cigar lounges. Guests found smoking in their stateroom or on their balcony will be charged a $250 cleaning fee.

The casino is broadly non-smoking, but according to Princess’ smoking policy, there are some slot machines where you can smoke and vape while playing the machine.

NCL Vape Policy

According to the NCL smoking policy, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes follow the same rules as regular cigarettes – you can only do it in certain designated smoking areas on board. Guests caught vaping in their room will be charged a flat $250, plus annual repair costs if they damage furniture with fumes.

There are a number of indoor and outdoor smoking areas available, all of which are detailed in NCL’s smoking policy.

Disney Vape Policy

Disney Cruise Lines only allows the use of e-cigarettes in the designated smoking areas on the ships, which are very limited compared to other cruise lines. Some spaces only allow smoking between 6 pm and 6 am too, further restricting your options.

You can see a list of the permitted smoking areas and time restrictions by reading Disney’s smoking policy.

The Bottom Line

Vaping on a cruise ship, no matter who you sail with, is very much seen as being the same as smoking standard cigarettes. You aren’t going to be able to do it in your room, and you’ll need to head to the designated areas.

This might be a bit of a shock if you’re used to being able to have a quick drag on your e-cigarette whenever you want to at home, but make sure you follow the rules. You don’t want a hefty fine being added to your onboard account.

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