Curiosity che nessuno conosce sui casino

And online casinos continue to climb the top of the best online entertainment of the moment. Enthusiasts have come closer to this world due to the restrictions due to Covid-19 that have limited access to physical structures, finding a valid alternative on the web. This is why more and more users have started to try the most famous gaming platforms and the many sparse applications around, such as the best bingo, roulette and slot machine apps.

In a short time they succeeded in revolutionizing the market: now the player has the possibility to have fun at any time with the major titles offered by the operators, having everything just a click away. Certainly if it is an absolute comfort that goes to the detriment of the terrestrial casino sector.

Le curiosità sconosciute sui casino

And casinos in general, like everything, have a series of curiosities that few people know about, or rather we can say that they are actually sconosciute. The old story is secular and until this moment things have not been successful. Ecco quindi tre curiosità sui casino che forse non sai!

Is the first virtual casino recent? It goes back to 30 years ago

Come detto anche in precedente, i casino online negli lasti anni hanno conquistato tutti. If you think, however, that it is a recent phenomenon, due to the strong technological evolution that has hit our society, but in reality that is not the case. The first online gaming platform, in fact, dates back to almost 30 years ago, precisely in 1994. An extraordinary invention that has revolutionized the way to understand the game, making its devices portable.

And frutta symbols

If we had to imagine a casino, surely our thought would be ricadrebbe sulle slot machines. If it is the top game of all the sector and which still today continues to attract millions of people. Before the advent of the internet, they were classic, that is, with fruit as a symbol, but how are they born? Towards the end of the 19th century, the USA banned gambling. So to get around this obstacle, they invented the fruit machine that instead of spending money gave caramel to fruit. In 1931 the game was again legalized, deciding to use this slot to entertain players.

The biggest slot in the world

Always on the subject of slot machines, there is one considered the biggest in the world. It dates back to the 50s of 1900 and at the time it cost around 150 thousand euros and Canadian dollars. Its name is Super Big Bertha and it was initially placed in the hall of one of the most important land-based casinos in Las Vegas, the capital of gambling. It is about 2 and a half meters high and its width is two meters. It is a true and proper technological miracle, at the point of producing an energy consumption of 5 kilowatts. It is composed of 5 reels on which five symbols are placed and it was one of the main attractions of the casino. Currently in the online sector there are many emulators based on the world’s largest slot machine.

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