I fight in the game world, if Zeno Rizzo (founder of MGR Casino Chairs) is dead

“It is with great regret that we inform you of the passing of Zeno Rizzo, founder of MGR Casino Chairs. Zeno Rizzo died of a heart attack in his sleep on Saturday 17 September. Amato marito, adorato padre, amorevole nonno e pioniere dell’industria del furniture, in particulare nel campo delle sedie da casino. Illuminated entrepreneur, always looking to the future and new ideas, Zeno a few years ago had left the company in the hands of his children, focusing on a more relaxed lifestyle and dedicating himself to his wife Maria and his 5 grandchildren. And yet he was always informed about the planning and programmatic lines of MGR”. This is what the company writes in a note.

“Versatile, recognized and appreciated by everyone, he has taught his beloved children the art of innovation and free thinking with compassion, sensitivity and wisdom. Thanks to his dedication to work, dynamism and respect for clients, suppliers and competitors, Zeno has been considered a leader and mentor for all the people inside the company he founded at the end of the 90s. He was always available to give advice to employees and to support his children during negotiations and the development of new ideas. Through their twenty-year experience in the field, Zeno and MGR have contributed to reshaping the casino seating industry. Through his products and his vision – the note continues – the awareness of the importance of chair ergonomics in relation to the profits of slot machines and gaming tables has increased. Together with his wife Maria and sons Guido, Giovanni, Giacomo and Giorgio, he has made the company grow, becoming the global reference point for the gaming industry, expanding over the years to the United States through the new branch in Las Vegas. The whole company gathers around his family, his wife, children, cousins, nephews and relatives. We want to remind you of this, Zeno, with a phrase found by chance while scrolling through your notes: ‘Fuggire dalla banalità, rendere democratica la bellezza, reject both il lusso bourghese che la produzione di massa in harmony with l’estetica della semplicità'” , concludes the note.

The Redazione di Jamma joins the pain of acquaintances and friends for this sad loss and offers the most heartfelt condolences to the family.

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