The best of online casinos

The casino games are among the most fun and adrenaline-filled to try. If for a while it was necessary to physically go to a gaming room, now it is possible to play comfortably at home and even on the move via devices such as smartphones and tablets. The variety of available games is practically endless: from the intuitive slot machine to the fascinating roulette, from the immortal poker to the engaging blackjack. Quando si gioca con soldi veri è semper bene pay attention, establish a budget to aim for and respect it scrupulously. We see which are the most popular games from

The slot machine

The first slot machine was launched at the end of the 1800s and functioned in a very rudimentary way: to play, you had to lower a lever that, when a winning combination was verified, unlocked a box with money inside. Over the course of the years, the slot has evolved, until it reaches the computerized versions online. The mechanism is very simple. The player chooses the punt to make and the payline on which to bet, which are generally between 20 and 25 per machine. The chances of winning are numerous and made particularly attractive thanks to access to bonuses and jackpots.

The roulette

Roulette probably proves to be the game par excellence of casinos. Introduced in France in the 1800s, roulette is based on a wheel comprising 37 sections in the French version and 38 in the American version, with numbers ranging from zero to 36. Except for zero, each number is colored red or black. Outside the wheel, there is a green table on which to make the bet, which can refer to a number, a color or special games, such as numbers near zero. Guessing a full number pays 35 times the punt, while if you guess the color you receive il doppio della puntata.

The blackjack

Even blackjack has French origins, but its current denomination is an American operation. The game involves the use of two decks of French cards, where each card has the value of the number it represents, with the exception of Ace, which can be worth 1 or 11, and figures, which are worth 10 points. The game is played against the bank and the player must try to total a higher score, not exceeding 21 points. After the kick, the player receives a face-up card, as does the bank. A second distribution of cards is then carried out for players only, who will have the option of asking for additional cards or staying. The bank does not have the option to call the card at its own discretion, since it must necessarily call if the score is lower than 17 and stop if it reaches or exceeds 17. In the case of a score above 21 if it “fails” and if it loses the point . If the player realizes a combination superior to that of the bank, he wins the double of his own bet, otherwise he loses the bet. If you make the black jack through an Ace and a figure: in this circumstance the player has the right to a payment of 3 to 2 on the bet.

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