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In Italy and in the world, the phenomenon of illegal gambling is more than flourishing, both online and offline, and exposes you to many risks.

With the growth of digitalization and the increase in online activities, illegal gambling is also on the rise. The new technologies used not only to make our daily lives more comfortable, from the point of view of work, the various commissions to be performed and leisure, are also used by cyber criminals and those who operate in the world of gambling and illegal betting.

Next to the legal casino sites, there are those that are illegal or in any case without a license for Italy. The alarm is raised here by us and in the rest of the world by the World Lottery Association which highlights the threat to websites around the world, the world of online gaming, from sports betting to games such as slots, roulette and online poker. Playing at illegal web casinos, perhaps taking advantage of benefits such as anonymity or the ability to use cryptocurrencies, can be very risky. Risks that can be eliminated by choosing the best AAMS online casinos, which offer all the security guarantees.

The flooding is also growing in Italy

The denunciation of illegal gambling activities comes from many quarters and recently has also been at the center of a TV service on the Striscia la Notizia program, which explained how blockchains, technologies based on digital currencies, are at the center of illegal online casinos.

Bill Miller, president of the American Gaming Association, also publicly wrote in a letter to the Attorney General of the United States about the risks of illegal gambling for consumers. According to the data, in the United States only in the last year, online searches for illegal gambling sites have increased by 40% (this after the decline due to the pandemic we have already discussed). The phenomenon of online casino sites and illegal betting is of worldwide importance. The Asian Racing Federation recently reported an estimate that about 80% of horse racing betting worldwide is illegal.

Illegality online and offline

Returning to Italy, where the best online casino sites are in excellent health, according to data from the Customs and Monopoly Agency, illegal gambling moves figures comparable to those of legal gambling. There is talk of about 20 billion euros taken from the pockets of players from the circuits of the submerged game.
In addition to the Italian and foreign online casinos, the phenomenon of illegal gambling also affects activities in the area. In about 1000 checks carried out by 1800 financiers on April 7 and 10, in businesses throughout Italy, 250 violations were found that led to the seizure of a hundred tampered gaming devices. Totally abusive game points were also discovered during the investigation.

Security on the best ADM online casino sites

The fight against illegal gambling by Adm and law enforcement aims to make online and offline gaming safe and secure. Risks that instead are run by adhering to illegal proposals, without any legal guarantee. The world of the best Italian online casinos is managed and controlled by ADM; therefore it offers players all the security guarantees necessary to play without any danger. Through the remote gaming licensing system, only operators with all the necessary requirements can offer games with cash winnings.

These casino sites use security protocols for data management, have at least 18-bit SSL encryption certificates, and allow payments and withdrawals with secure payment methods. In addition to ensuring security, they are fun and offer all types of legal gambling in Italy. From slot machines to bingo to casino games and card games. There is no shortage of live gaming rooms in the best online casinos with real croupiers connected live streaming.

We also remind you that in order to play on legal casino sites you must be of legal age, fill in a registration form with your personal details and send a copy of your identity document and tax code. Only the legal sites offer support and protection to the players also by the ADM, in case of problems.

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