From Elvis to Lady Gaga: Music stars that love to gamble at the casino

Gambling is a pastime that can quickly become an obsession. Both online and traditional casinos have a wide fan base that spans all walks of life, occupations, and ages. Performers of many kinds, including musicians from Australia and all around the world, may be found at gaming hotspots. One other method they find to experience intense feelings is through playing roulette online Australia, blackjack, slots, or video poker. It’s important to remember that many famous musicians like gambling and don’t feel guilty about it. With the help of online casino games, celebrities can get a unique experience.

The thrill of the roulette wheel is palpable. Gambling on blackjack requires some tact. The satisfying clink of coins in a slot machine after a big win. Casino games are popular among a wide range of people, notably the famous. Today many people can enjoy a live online casino Australia, which provides gamblers with a plethora of unforgettable casino games. Those customers who want to get the most out of their gambling process can visit Australian online casinos.

Famous musicians often spend their free time in casinos, where they may enjoy games like poker and slot machines. Gambling is something that everyone loves to do since it is entertaining. Since the advent of internet casinos, the online gambling sector has expanded rapidly, becoming one of the most visible in the world. In this article, we’ll tell you which are the most famous musicians who love gambling.

Elvis Presley

When Elvis Presley went away in 1977, he was almost penniless. The sum of his financial woes can be traced back to his penchant for gambling, his excessive generosity, and his drug abuse. However, the wealth he amassed in his work was sufficient to support him despite his addictions. But his father, Vernon Presley, and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, were complicit in his troubles, feeding on his inadequacies and making money off the side.

Numerous lawsuits were filed after Elvis Presley’s death in 1977, shedding light on the Colonel’s and Vernon Presley’s shady practices. The magnitude of the deception and unfair tactics to which the King had been subjected by his manager and father was disclosed in one of these court proceedings involving an inquiry into Elvis Presley’s financial issues.

Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight is a legendary soul singer who has won seven Grammy Awards and is sometimes referred to as “the Empress of Soul.” Knight has been there and established her mark in the entertainment sector. With over sixty years in the business, she achieved multiple number-one songs, albums, and Billboard Hot 100 accolades.

Although Knight is musically gifted, she is also notorious for her love of the gambling table. On occasion, she’ll hit the slots, and her favorite casino game, hands down, is blackjack. The legendary Empress of Soul has admitted that she was an avid gambler for ten years.

Scott Ian

Scott Ian, similar to famous football players loves gambling. He is the band’s lone surviving original member and guitarist, and he has gained notoriety for his contributions to the metal band Anthrax.

Ian is a longtime poker player who has made public appearances in several major events throughout the years, including the World Series of Poker. After that, I moved on to conducting poker tournaments via the internet.

One of the reasons why people keep coming back to casinos is the thrills and excitement they provide. Multiple studies have shown that it also has the added advantage of reducing stress, which is a nice bonus. It’s thus not surprising that some musicians frequent gambling establishments.


According to current news, the pop icon – Madonna took home two trophies at this year’s SuperEnaLotto ceremony. She spent roughly €160,000 (about $134,000) on 125 tickets for the 2007 World Tour and won. Her children were adopted from Malawi, and she used her earnings to build a new school there. Madonna’s ancestors are from Italy, thus the singer plays the Italian lottery, Super EnaLotto. She plays the lotto online via couriers who buy and distribute tickets on her behalf since there are no ticket costs in the United States.

Lady Gaga

In a workplace poker game seen by the Legends, many people were involved. She is a huge fan of every kind of casino game ever created. Of all of Gaga’s albums, “Poker-face” is the one that fans like the most. In 2009, the album was released and met with critical acclaim. Depending on the translation, the games might be thought of in a variety of ways. A musician is planning an assault on his girlfriend. Without her gambling addiction, she would never have written the work that made Gaga a household name. In addition, it inspires famous people to perform remarkable things. Songs like the ones listed above may easily be lost to the sands of time, yet their devoted fans keep them in heavy rotation.


Gambling is one of the most popular ways for people to entertain and have fun, celebrities, and famous musicians are not exceptions as well. In this article, we reviewed which are or were the most well-known musicians that loved and love gambling.

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