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Slot games: How to start playing?

More than half of the content of online casino sites is dedicated to slot machines. In front of a variety of icons on the main page of the institution, which has about 6-7 thousand different slot games, it is difficult to understand where to start. But you shouldn’t rush to the first pokie you come across, because a quick decision can ruin your overall gambling impression.

New players’ opinions are often formed based on their first negative experience. A customer can choose a complex machine for his first steps in the world of gambling, lower his deposit there, and then talk about the injustice of the casino. But this conclusion is not entirely correct. So that i slot games online bring pleasure, you need a little knowledge, practice and common sense. Here are some helpful tips for those who are new to online pokies.

What is free is a good starting point

To begin with, a player needs to know whether or not he will enjoy this type of entertainment like pokies. If a casino offers free trial games, do not ignore this promo. You don’t even need to fund your account to get some free spins in a virtual program. You will keep your money, and you will immediately understand the general principle of how slot machines work. At this point, a punter becomes familiar with the concepts of paylines, wild symbols, scatter marks, and so on. With practice, you can play for money in another slot or keep looking for success in the same one. But now you have some knowledge.

Choose the difficulty of the game

In the description of the slot, you can understand which type it belongs to. You can also search for screenshots of the game, which will show the interface. There are classic 3-reel slots, 5-reel video slots, and more sophisticated 6-7-row slots with additional games and spins.

Why not try the classics for the first time? The payout frequency in the 3 reel slots is low, but getting 3 symbols in a row is quite exciting. However, you should not try your luck for a big win for too long, because you could also spend a lot.

Video slots offer more opportunities to get a winning combination. The program instructions indicate all the lines that lead to prizes, as well as the symbols that increase your winnings. I slot games they can have from 9 to 100 thousand payment lines! The higher the number, the more likely it is that a few lines will fall on each turn.

However, you shouldn’t start playing complex slots on your first game right away. The abundance of rules and the workload of the screen can confuse a beginner.

Slots with your favorite characters

Players often go to pokies that offer pictures with their favorite characters. For example, you just finished watching a series when you find a program with TV heroes. The desire to witness how the people of history reincarnate in another scenario pushes players to reckless acts. At the same time, such slots may have unreasonably high minimum bet sizes or a limited number of paylines. But who said you like this fun because of the money? In general, the choice is always up to the player. For some, it’s the colorful design of the game that brings pleasant impressions, not so much the opportunity to make money.

Is it worth chasing the progressive jackpot?

The prospect of going down in history as a beginner who plays one day and earns a million dollars is exciting if you don’t think rationally. The same million users participate in the progressive jackpot. Therefore, evaluate your chances in a reasonable way. Usually, only a bettor who places a bet of a certain amount can become a participant in the draw. Maybe it’s better to spend that money on regular video poker, at least that way you can increase your chances of recovery.

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