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What are the most popular slot machines with the highest Jackpots?

Real money slot machines in an online casino should be the prerogative of all players, although some platforms offer their players demo versions (without having to spend money therefore) to play some games or just for fun.

So we were wondering what are the current real money online slot machines that have the highest jackpots, in order to create an informative article that clarifies this issue and helps bettors choose the best possible slot machine.

Big Jackpots to attract big bettors

Online jackpot slot machines have grown tremendously in popularity recently. Big wins can be achieved even with relatively small bets. Precisely because of this, we are witnessing an incredible proposal of slot machines with absurd jackpots on the different online platforms. There is a wide variety of this form of play, so it is a suitable option for everyone.

There is such a large selection of Jackpot slot machines that it is sometimes difficult to choose. We understand this too well. That’s why we’ve prepared this article with the best slots out there today. As you can see, Jackpot slot machines come in all shapes and colors, so we hope you find one that suits your tastes. While we have a great selection for you here, the games are never isolated. You can find them in large numbers in one of the many online casinos on the market. Each platform has its own advantages and features, so it’s good to know the different types.

The first thing we want to tell you is that you choose, even before you look at the jackpot, the slot machines with the highest possible RTP; this is because the higher this number, the more performance the player can get over time. To make your choice easier, here are some slot machines with the highest RTP:

Mega Jocker: Developed by NetEnt, this slot has a very classic style, but has a 99% RTP. Good Girl Bad Girl: Developed by BetSoft, we will have the option to play as a good girl or bad girl, as the title says, with an RTP of 97.79%. Amazon Idol Million Maker: Developed by NextGen, this is a slot that will take us on a jungle adventure in search of great hidden treasures, with an RTP of 97.52%. The Ruby: Developed by iSoftBet, The Ruby is a slot machine with a very classic style, but still very popular with gamers, also for its 97.50% RTP.

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Here are the slot machines with the highest jackpots

After seeing which are the recommended slots with the highest RTP, it’s finally time to go see which programs with the highest jackpots currently available in circulation:

Mega Fortune: Developed by NetEnt and with a 96% RTP, the theme is about high-end luxury living and the profits definitely don’t lie. This is one of the highest-priced slot machines of all time and holds the record for the biggest slot machine victory in history, a whopping $ 17.9 million. Mega Moolah: Developed by Microgaming, with an RTP of “only” 88.12%, Mega Moolah was the slot machine that held the record for the highest jackpot victory on a slot machine: $ 13.2 million; for this reason it is essential to try. Divine Fortune: Slot developed by NetEnt, with an RTP of 96.59%; in an ancient Greek theme, you will be taken to a dream game full of chances to win big prizes. There are many bonuses lurking and the progressive jackpot can make your dream world come true. This just shows that NetEnt doesn’t grind words.

In this article we have presented the main features of slot machines with the highest Jackpot currently in circulation, also proposing those that, in our view, are the 3 best to play to have the chance to win a good sum. . We only recommend that you visit our website for more information on the world of gambling, where you can find lots of tips and tricks on how to increase your winnings.

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