5 Curiosities and history of the casino world

Playing blackjack online means experiencing a playful culture full of history and curiosities that go back to antiquity. Since its inception in Venice, casinos have always fascinated writers, directors and have also entered the art world by right, which is why they are attracting more and more spectators.

At first it was the Chinese and the Egyptians who played cards and dice, but these historical notions already present in numerous articles are nothing compared to the curiosities that we will reveal in the following paragraphs. Here are 5 casino curiosities.

The smallest casino in the world, as big as … a taxi

That’s right, the smallest casino in the world is English and is a taxi with all the accessories and tools to play roulette, poker, blackjack and slots. There are exclusive services such as a bar and satellite TV, of course you can’t miss the croupier.

Who Invented the Sandwich?

He could only be a casino enthusiast. While just a click away at Betfair Casino today is enough to play, in other distant times, Count John Montagu had to spend many hours between the gaming tables, so much so that he forgot to go to the bathroom and even food. Looks like he never had time. One day he ordered his waiter to prepare a steak for him, put it between two slices of bread and serve it to him: here is the sandwich.

A diet based on dice and cards

We go back in time to Prohibition America, when the controls entered a clandestine casino and the police made sudden detours, the players used to eat the dice and the cards, in order to eliminate the evidence that would have accused them of playing. . . The same tactics used by the British in the 18th century.

The casino before 1638

The first Casino di Venezia was inaugurated this year. Before then, people joined the clandestine betting, but even in Roman times it was possible to experience the game, in fact, the Romans happily imported the Greek habits of betting on Olympic competitions and gladiator fights. .

The Romans added chariot racing bets and numerous card games. They even went so far as to bet on the activities of political and everyday life. The first artifacts on the game date back to the Chinese and Egyptians, the former played with cards similar to tokens, while the latter loved the game of dice.

Who invented the first slot machine

Like many inventions, the slot machine was not born as a game tool but as a simple entertainment. It’s 1887 and a certain Charles Fey in France works as a mechanic in his workshop and needs some fun to entertain customers while repairing their cars. At this point he built the world’s first slot on three reels with 5 symbols, including the famous bell, the slot is named Liberty Bell. His customers were among the first in the world to play slot machines.

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