Podcasts and casinos, between advertising and reporting

Online gambling casinos have long been the subject of discussion, even in Italy. If on the one hand they are considered a normal economic activity, with logical corollary of jobs created, on the other hand they are opposed as a significant problem. Too many players, in fact, bet on roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and online slot machines in a compulsive way, risking financial ruin and social isolation.

This is a real dichotomy that also concerns advertising. Those who need to promote a casino to play live can not ignore the aspect related to gambling. A dilemma that has prompted all players in the industry to question how best to address the issue of compulsive betting. Many have identified the podcast as an ideal tool. Let’s see why.

The podcast as an advertising tool

Among the advertising tools that are becoming more and more established, a place of respect has been won by the podcast. That is, give original audio contentoften in episodes, widespread on demand on the Internet. The term was coined in 2004 by journalist Doc Searls and since then has begun to circulate more and more, finding considerable popularity in the online public.

To understand its growing success, it is necessary to remember a series of figures, half of the American adults between the ages of 35 and 44 usually listen to the best eMarketer, in turn, it is estimated that by 2025 there will be more than 22.4 million podcast listeners in Germany, 16.5 million in Japan and 158.9 million in China. From these figures it is possible to understand its appeal to those who need to make their brand known. Need that online casinos do not escape.

The podcast is also a reporting tool

The best podcasts, however, can be considered those contents that are used as a real tool of social denunciation or to make stories with strong colors known. A perfect example in this sense is represented by “The money factory – The remarkable story of the failure of the casino of Champion of Italy”, a documentary by Lorenzo Faggi that can be downloaded on major industry platforms.

The podcast talks about what happened in the small Italian enclave, a kind of Las Vegas within Swiss territory. That is the end of the casino that with those games like roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines had made the fortunes of the population from 1917.

A real social tragedy, considered to be about two thousand people, as many as 486 worked in the structure. The question that the documentary seeks to answer has been relevant since July 27, 2018: if the bank has always won, how could a bankruptcy have happened?

The case of Campione represents a real economic contradiction. It is difficult to understand the failure of the Las Vegas tricolor, given the data on the success of online betting and gambling in recent years. Online casinos, in fact, continue to grow in Italy. A trend that has been invigorated by the new health needs induced by the arrival of Covid.

Those looking for security have of course opted for those digital games that allow you to have fun live and on the go. Before you start playing, however, you need to keep in mind two important aspects, to say that you have won a real ace. Let’s see which ones.

Safety first

We have already mentioned the need for all fans of card games such as blackjack, roulette and online slot machines to be able to always play live in absolute safety. A real need deriving not only from the presence of the coronavirus, but also from that of a conspicuous series of online dangers. The category of scammers has plagued the industry for years and is a significant pitfall for gamblers after opening an account.

In fact, we can say that the main pitfall of casinos is precisely in the phase of opening the game account, when it is necessary to choose the platform. To make sure you win by playing cards, the casino needs to be serious, but that’s not always the case.

To avoid those risks the best possible solution for players is represented by online casinos that boast the possession of a license issued by ADM, the gaming watchdog that replaced AAMS. The best gaming and betting platforms are all those that boast one, as:

To have it they must respect the laws in force in Italy. They must meet the criteria of the Responsible Gaming.

If for the first point, there should be no doubt, the second must be better explained. Let’s see why.

Playing live roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack or online casino slot machines should be a simple pastime for everyone, whether in Las Vegas or at home, online. Sometimes, though, it’s not like that and who play bonuses after opening an account he assumes those behaviors that represent an anomaly over the years.

In other words, gambling on casinos becomes a real obsession, pushing to consider cards and slot machines a reason to live. We are therefore in the presence of a real pathology, known by the term gambling disorder. Those who suffer from it during the game assume compulsive behaviors, laying the foundations for financial ruin and social isolation. In Italy there are tens of thousands of players with problems of this kind, including many young people.

Just read this article from the Sun 24 hours to better understand the situation. To try to counter the phenomenon, the ADM obliges casinos’ policy Responsible Gaming. These are rules that require the casino to think not only about welcome bonuses, opening an account, but also the limits of the game.

In other words, all the best casinos are required to always indicate to new customers the wagering limits and allow them toself-exclusion from games, temporary or permanent. Thanks to all the rules in question, playing cards or slot machines should be limited, although the perplexities of many continue to be serious. AAMS casinos, however, should also be chosen for other reasons, by the gambler. Let’s see which ones.

ADM is synonymous with safety and quality

All online casino gaming platforms boast their own level. Not all online gambling casinos, however, are able to really ensure security and quality for those who open an account and play. Only those with an ADM license can guarantee these requirements, like an ace up their sleeve.

In particular, gaming sites with a permit in Italy ensure:

One very rich schedulethanks to the contribution of various versions of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, card games in general and slot machines.
Welcome bonus for each new member.
Security levels, in terms of data protection and very high money. The presence of a section to play live and an app to do it always, even on the go.

All of these factors are important, but security is a real ace up your sleeve for AAMS casinos, even more so than bonuses. Players who opt for such a site have practically won the opportunity to play in absolute serenity. The money, in fact, must be kept in a separate account from that of the casino.

In addition, each licensed casino platform before the welcome bonuses or the software proposal for the player must think about preparing the best possible conditions so that everything runs smoothly.

In those cases where things get complicated during the games there is of course a casino support service to rely on, but it would always be better not to have to get there. In any case, to avoid problems, a casino with an ADM license has all the possible and imaginable guarantees for players.

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