Slot machines and video games, a long-standing partnership –

The craze for online casinos has exploded in recent years. More and more users are relying on online gaming platforms to have fun and spend a few hours in total relaxation. Of course, there are many advantages to using this service: first you can play your favorite titles at any time we want, just click on the app on our smartphone to access the account. This eliminates the problem of moving to land-based casinos; secondly, there is the possibility of accessing a vast catalog of games: poker, scale 40, blackjack, roulette and slot machines are just some of the main attractions much loved by people.

The so-called “devil machines” are the backbone of the online and offline gaming industry. Slots are the most beloved entertainment by fans, able to attract millions of users every year around the world. Whether online or physical, the fun doesn’t change. The feeling of pushing the button or pulling the lever down, and hoping that the right combination came out, remained unchanged. As if that weren’t enough, these have evolved over time, with play of light and sound effects capable of immersing the player in the slot he is playing.

Yes, because there are not only classic slot machines, but also those with different themes. The machines dedicated to the most important films of international cinema are a classic. A great classic is Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones, two slots that continue to entertain even years after their release. In addition, there are those inspired by the great video games, which have made the history of consoles and more. They are perfect for those who want to relive the emotions of the titles of their childhood or adolescence.

The two slot machines inspired by video games

Gangsta City

There are games that have become part of mass culture and made famous all over the world. One of these is GTA, an acronym for Grand Theft Auto. The game sold a total of about 250 million copies, an incredible number for the title that makes it the fourth best-selling game ever. The protagonist of the series must earn respect and money through a series of criminal actions that will take him to the top of the social ladder.

The Rockstar game-inspired slot is called Gangsta City and is exclusive to Digital Gaming. Inside you can find symbols of cars, weapons, scary dogs and seductive girls. The rides are inspired by famous areas of the city, such as the West Side, and the bonuses have names dedicated to the underworld: an example can be “Mafia boss”.

Tomb Rider

Tomb Rider is one of the iconic characters in the video game world. The slot machine inspired by the adventures of Lara Croft consists of 5 reels and 30 betting lines, on which you can bet 10 tokens. The maximum bet is 300 euros. The theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 95.20%.

The beautiful Lara Croft is the Wild symbol of the slot. This is a wildcard that replaces other symbols to create a much higher combination.

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