Italy’s most famous casino

Sanremo – the city of flowers of our beautiful country can sparkle not only with the two points of reference that are at home in the Casino of Sanremo. For 110 years, the Casino of Sanremo has made history with many famous and famous people and with their visits. Built between 1904 and 1906 by the architect Eugène Ferret, it still emerges today on the Riviera, exciting residents and tourists with extraordinary events but also with the big “jackpot” at the gaming tables.

The casino is appreciated by so many people, and not only for its extraordinary architecture that is already evident at first glance from the outside. Because the Casino of Sanremo can boast of one of the most magnificent and elegant theaters in Liguria. And numerous flowers of different colors enhance the building and contribute to a more luminous atmosphere. But this place is not only popular among tourists. The inhabitants of the place also love to meet to play a game in the most famous casino on the Riviera.

In the thirties, the direction of the artistic area was entrusted to a famous writer. This part was transmitted to Luigi Pirandello. Today, up to 100 concerts are held every year in the heart of the Casino of Sanremo.

Il casino, con il suo antico ed interesante design, può absolutely reggere il confrontation con i casino online di oggi come casino offline. However, even online casinos can have a certain fascination, because they are independent of the opening hours. So, if you want to take a break between roulette and blackjack, with all the hustle and bustle and background noise, you can try playing gambling online, for example at, because the players are offered great deals variety of success in the game but comparable to those of a visit to the Casino of Sanremo.

Cultural vector of the city of flowers with variety
The casino has been a cultural attraction for the inhabitants of Sanremo since the first years of its existence. Since then, numerous celebrities have been hosted in the gambling hall of the casino. Governors of other countries, great businessmen, heads of state of nearby and even distant countries, as well as many actors, singers and famous people from the show.

Il Casinò di Sanremo is known not only for its slot machines and gaming machines, but also for being an important cultural center of Sanremo – with great success even today. Musical competitions, theatrical shows, concerts: a wide range of cultural events of high level takes place that invite people of all ages, local residents and tourists to spend time in the hall of the Casino of Sanremo.

Delicacies and emotions: escape from everything at the Casino of Sanremo
Il Casinò di Sanremo always offers the opportunity to spend elegant and special evenings in a clamorous and classy environment. The restaurants and the bar offer the players refreshments and invite them to take a break from the casino activities. But even visitors who prefer to “give up” on big wins have a wide variety at their disposal. At the Sanremo Casino, everyone has the chance to find what they need for a successful evening on the Riviera, in the heart of Sanremo.

Restaurant with a special atmosphere and bar to refresh between meals
It is the ideal place to taste international cuisine and regional specialties. The “Roof Garden”, the main restaurant and many casino bars are open. From brunch to pranzo veloce fino to cena prolungata, qui ce n è per tutti i gusti. “Biribissi” is another point of strength that assures visitors of special moments and unforgettable events. The bar that is open all year offers visitors refreshments and drinks right next to the game table. The charm of the bar and the moment itself of refreshing yourself with a tasty drink at the bar after a game are a great incentive for a player.

Game fun with classics and novelty
In addition to the classics such as roulette, poker, blackjack and the well-known slot machine, players are also given traditional and popular games such as “Punto Banco” and “Chemin De Fer”. Fun, excitement and variety are therefore guaranteed, ensuring a wide choice of ways to spend the evening playing at the Sanremo Casino. The Sanremo casino has 479 slot machines and a total of two floors full of slot machines and the possibility to bet your own money. Raised floors, smoking area in the casino and other spectacular spaces waiting to be discovered by visitors to Sanremo.

The race and tournament that they hold in Sanremo are a tourist attraction but at the same time also popular among the inhabitants of the place, offering great entertainment. The form and games chosen for the competitions vary, offering a choice that is always different depending on the clientele and game options for the visitor and for the casino itself. The novelty and changes of the program are announced by the casino, which provides a good orientation to the visitor.

Casino di Sanremo – gallery, theater and casino in one solution
The soul of Sanremo and the Casino of Sanremo cannot be examined and discovered in a single evening in the most famous casino in Italy. But a visit to the city and to the building of our beautiful country può prendere nel mirino many new things. Cultural events, ballet, opera, concerts are just a few, along with famous festivals, to discover at the Sanremo Casino. The casino offers a wide range of activities both for players and for culture lovers, awakening everyone’s desire to discover the history of this structure.

Il Casino di Sanremo: a destination, not only for tourists, but also for young Italians, who urgently need to be explored. The characteristic flowers of the city of flowers so come the breathtaking past and present of this casino invite those who want to visit the Casino of Sanremo with its variety, its fascination and its special atmosphere. You don’t have to be a gambler to make a jump. Un buon pasto, un ottima compagnia ec una serata indimenticabile are enough to spend a great evening – nella città dei fiori, nella bellissima Sanremo.

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