Let’s find out what the random number generator (RNG) is

In this article we will try to deepen the discourse related to the random number generator, how it works, what areas of application and why it is so important.

Have you ever wondered how slot machines and casino machines work? How do they decide when it’s time to cash out and make them jump for joy? Everything depends on the case, obviously, and this coincidence is established by the random number generator RNG (Random Numbers Generator).

If you think that the slot that pays more is conditioned by your way of playing and by the influence of your ability, you are making a mistake. They all work in the same way, and the winning combinations are always random. The only thing that changes is the Return to Play, that is, how much it “pays” in proportion to the games. For example, the Guns’n’Roses slot has an RTP of 96.98%.

In this article we will try to deepen the discourse related to the random number generator, how it works, what areas of application and why it is so important.

Cos’è the RNG

Può essere a hardware device or a software capable of producing a sequence of numbers not decipherable a priori. The difference between the two is substantial:

The first, also called HRNG (from the English hardware random number generator), is a device that generates random numbers through physical phenomena; The second one, also called PRNG (from the English pseudo-random number generator), is an algorithm that generates random numbers from an initial value called a seed.


Its main use is in the video game and slot machine sector. Situations in which the site must be uncertain and the sequence is always different and more predictable make it essential. While the hardware version is mostly used in slot machines of the old generation, the corresponding software is widely used in computer programming.

Security code generators and cryptography work in the same way. And the algorithm, based on a specific programming, to “decidere” which number to pull out of the cylinder.


There are entities that test and certify the software installed in the gaming equipment and in the online casino and they are in possession of licenses issued by the Customs Agency and the Monopolies of the Italian State.

The Accredited Verification Bodies (EVA) are recognized by the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies (AAMS) and are responsible for certifying gambling systems according to the AAMS guidelines. They periodically carry out mandatory checks for the concessionaire in order to protect the player’s interests.

Why is it important?

Because it is a guarantee of impartiality. Knowing how to play and bet in a 100% impartial system, thus having the same chances as other players, is of vital importance for any bettor.

The producers and the distributor, as well as the managers of the real and virtual premises are aware of it, and are close in every way to guarantee this peculiarity before putting on the market or sponsoring a new device. Without this warranty they will lose credibility.

In addition, the legal aspect also comes into play. A game that is not impartial and totally random is modifiable, and it can be rigged. Or still if they can foresee the successive extraditions. In this way, the basic concept of gambling is skipped and there is no point in betting.


The Random Number Generator is the computer or mechanical equivalent of the Croupier in the casino. Throwing the dice, shuffling the cards or the ball in the roulette have a casual component that makes the game what it is, exciting because it’s unpredictable. The generator of random numbers is the trick that allows us to use services similar to those of the pure casino without the physical presence of an employee. Think about it every time you insert your coin and start a new game.

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