Free spins: the complete guide to make the most of this promotion

To attract new users or reward players already operating on their site, online casinos in Italy offer various game promotions, with or without deposit. Among them a special role belongs to the so-called free spins on slot machines, or free spins. Discover the best free spins of 2022 in this guide.

They are responsible for the web gaming platforms that attract new subscribers or push existing users to visit and play. Considering the number of online casinos that make up the tricolor scene, this is an extremely varied proposal, to be understood in detail. In this guide you will discover the requirements, so you can take advantage of this kind of free promotion on slots during registration and deposit.

What are free spins?

Free spins are free spins on games, especially on slot machines that online casinos offer in their daily promotional programs. Bonuses that can be used to acquire new users or to gain the loyalty of old players, by rewarding any visit or gambling.

Some casinos even customize them, offering them to the player on his birthday. As a result, they can be considered as free online poker freerolls, or free bingo hall cards.

In practice, those who receive the bonus, with or without a deposit, can realize the dream of being able to play with the goal of winning, without risking losing money. Born in 2012, or after the legalization of slot machines in our country, this is a bet resulting from an incontrovertible fact: the love of Italians for these machines. It is estimated, in fact, that more than half of the revenues of licensed online casinos in our country come from the users’ slots on slot machines.

What are the types of free spins?

There are various types of promotions and free spins on slot machines in online casinos. It can be said, however, that there are two main types of free spins on slots offered by online casinos in Italy: bonuses without deposit and by depositing the deposit after registration.

The first free spins, in turn, can be offered at the time of registration (welcome bonus), to entice the player to play at their casino. Or they may be offered to registered users for the purpose of gaining their loyalty by preventing them from spending their money elsewhere.

In this case, the welcome bonuses are indicated as recurring and represent perhaps the most coveted type of promotion. The reason for this liking is due to the fact that thanks to the recurring spins it is possible for players to try new slot machines. It is no coincidence that there are many gambling casinos that offer them online, considering them an investment. Just look at the slot machine sections to find free spins.

The free spins on the slots can range from a few spins to a very large number. In some cases, the online site may even offer hundreds of bonuses. Allowing interested parties to split the total into multiple game sessions within a time span of more than one day.

They are usually paid in the days after the validation of the registration process. In practice, every online casino requires a precise fulfillment for the validation of the identity of the aspiring player. The usual thing is to send a copy of a valid identification document.

Free spins with no deposit on slot machines are the most requested bonuses. However, not many operators offer them, with stringent requirements. Those who do so are naturally seen with a different eye from such players or aspirants.

As for the free spins with free deposit of money on the account, they can boast a peculiarity of not a small account. Usually, in fact, the game conditions to be able to use them are much less complex than those without a deposit. The ratio of this feature is easy to explain: the player has already paid for the site in advance of the money, a guarantee of the casino for the future, why complicate his life?

The difference between free spins and demo version

What has been mentioned so far about free spins (free spins), is quite reminiscent of the mechanism on which each demo version is based. That is, the special simulation mode that allows you to play in casinos without betting real money.

Between the two, however, there are two significant differences:

the demo account does not require registration on the site as a requirement for the game, if you do not lose money, you can not earn winnings, unlike with free spins.

What are the criteria for choosing a free spins casino?

This is a very important question, in the light of a game proposal that is becoming more and more varied in such a competitive sector. So let’s look at them closely, starting with the requirements to be privileged.

Possession of an AAMS license

The first requirement that must always be considered for all sites that offer gambling, even before the bonuses, is the possession of a license. This means a permit issued by ADM / AAMS, the only valid control body in Italy. If you are not sure about this, it is better to miss out on a very favorable promotional welcome. In fact, you risk losing your money without even playing.

It’s not all gold that shines

When you visit all the best online casinos, the first thing that stands out is the promotions they offer to entice you to register. For them, in fact, a free bet or bet on games is a showcase to show off.

In light of the proposed rounds within a certain timeframe, one immediately thinks of possible winnings. Usually, however, in practice, the actual winnings are a few tens of cents. Promotions are therefore only a secondary aspect in the offer of all the best gaming sites on the web. In the final choice, however, a requirement such as the games and the quality of the services offered should always be preferred.

Watch out for the playthrough

Another thing to always know about the welcome bonuses that casinos offer to customers is that you need to look at their terms very carefully. To get real money in the form of winnings, all money won in spins (free spins) must be replayed several times within the days following the release.

The mechanism in question is called Playthrough and indicates the minimum number of times the win must be reused. If you do not reach this minimum, it is impossible to withdraw money. Usually, the more free spins allowed on slot machines, the higher the Playthrough.

From this last point, one can draw a very clear conclusion: the promotional bonuses offered on games from an online site should be the last point to consider when choosing. Precisely the conditions attached to the collection of winnings with free spins (free spins) depower them in a very significant way. Much better to assess the actual validity of the operator in terms of games and services. Right from here you can understand which are the best gaming sites in Italy.

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