Main features and operation of the Reactoonz slot machine

In the endless universe of slot titles, there are always new games that are able to stay alive in the memory of online casino fans. The secrets of the success of certain slot machines are many and varied, and among these, the biggest probably lies in the originality of the theme or gameplay. This is the case of Reactoonz, the fantastic home game Play’n Go which, since its release in 2017, has gathered an ever-increasing number of fans.

To discover all the features that have made this title popular, just consult the Reactoonz website, thanks to which new players can get acquainted with the original game modes of this lively and fun slot. In a few seconds you will be catapulted into the universe of little monsters created by Dr. Toonz, a funny and curious scientist who, thanks to his passion and numerous experiments, is able to generate small beings that can develop fantastic quantum reactions.

Theme, features and characteristics of the Reactoonz slot machine

To understand the diamond tips of this fascinating title, just take a closer look at all its aspects: a carefully represented setting, fluid and captivating animations and a unique gameplay are just some of the hallmarks of Reactoonz.

The theme of the slot, as mentioned earlier, is that of the universe with its thousand surprising reactions. The infinite space is rendered in a very neat way and the graphic perfection also concerns the representation of the small and colorful protagonists of the game: these are small ones depicted as tiny aliens that, reaction after reaction, give rise to surprisingly engaging animations.

One of the most original aspects of Reactoonz is without a doubt the gameplay. Let’s forget the roller game panel of the classic slot machines and enter a new dimension: the symbols of the game cascade down a 7 × 7 grid and the winnings are obtained according to the modern mechanics called “cluster”. or “in clusters”. In fact, just collect groups of at least five identical and adjacent symbols to get their winnings.

What makes the Reactoonz slot exciting and original are also the many fun and special features that allow you to take the prize pool and adrenaline to the stars. First of all, 4 equal symbols arranged to form a square, give life to Giantoonz, a mega symbol that can double the winnings. Each win is also stored in the meter on the left side of the game panel. Luck comes when the meter fills up completely and the special features called Implosion, Alteration, Demolition and Engraving are unlocked: these offer payout multipliers, additional wild symbols and many more opportunities to increase winnings. Be careful though, because Gargantoon, the mega three-eyed monster that offers endless wildcards, can also arrive on the screen.

Why choose the Reactoonz slot machine

The game, which has a maximum win of 4,570 times the bet and an advantageous RTP of 96.51% can be compared, for the chances of victory, to popular games such as EggOMatic Slot, Lucky Panda, Jurassic Island and Haunted House. However, the gameplay, features, bonuses and graphics make it unique: Reactoonz, for these reasons, is not comparable to any other title in online casinos and remains, to date, the most dynamic slot game and original as always.


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