Myths and Legends about Slot Machines in Casino Online Italia

There is a wide variety of rumors and myths surrounding the slot machine. Some of these could have been realized, but many years ago. However, most of these myths were invented by the same visitors of online casino Italy. We find out how the online slot machine works.

The temperature of the slot affects the win

One of the myths invented by players is that a “live” slot releases slightly hot money. This means that the coins have been left inside the machine and that they will soon be ready to give away some. A closely related myth also concerns the temperature of the slot itself: if the device is hot, it will be ready to satisfy the player.

In reality, the “live” slot heats up thanks to the operation of all the elements of the machine and above all thanks to the backlight. The temperature of the device indicates that the machine is running for a long time, but it is not absolutely a fast and consistent win. The duration of the operation and the general temperature of the coins and the machine have no effect on the random number generator, which is responsible for winning or not.

If you notice that some player abandons the slot, which he has played for a long time, and does not win in this time frame, it means that he has “heated” the machine specifically for you and that it is necessary to take the fortune for the queue. Or it could be the opposite: if you get two or three big wins in a row, you will have to sit in another slot because this one has already exhausted its production resources.

The key element of every slot in an Italian online casino is a random number generator. The losses and wins of you or others in any game do not influence the future results of the game. The probability that your next gaming session will happen does not depend on how the slot is played beforehand.

Online slot developers have created an RTP value, which is usually indicated as a percentage. In other words, it tells you how likely the slot is to pay the winnings. RTP information is usually publicly available, but you have to take the time to search for it.

The slot works in cycles

Some people believe that every slot has a specific cycle, so all the possible combinations will spin in a certain order. If it is a myth: all the results are guaranteed by strict chance and are regulated by independent organizations. There is no dependence on the previous results, there are no cycles and if someone can determine some type of dependence, they cannot talk about random numbers.

The winning percentage of a slot in an Italian online casino is a mathematical expectation, the average result is determined based on the roll and the table of winnings. The average changes are counted after a few million revolutions. The individual result of a single spin lends itself only to the case.

The slot must be “prepared”

Another myth is that according to which, when you leave a slot, the next player immediately wins a large sum. But the random number generator produces millions of random dates per second. The number is chosen directly when the player presses the rotation button.

I casino “modify” the slot

A series of bad ideas and myths suggest that casinos can modify the payout of any slot. In addition, it is not recommended to play the slot at the end of the week, because the casino will modify it to reduce the chance of winning.

The slot programming process is a complicated procedure. You need to turn off the games, remove the card, install a new firmware on the chip, check that everything functions correctly and put it back in place. So this process cannot be defined fast.

The developers are also prohibited from modifying the slot winning percentage. In addition, this is strictly monitored by independent organizations, to support the correctness of the game between the Italian online casino and the player.

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