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How to play Bitcoin slot machines in crypto casinos

What are Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? How do you play slot machines in online casinos with cryptocurrencies? In which casinos can you play?

In this article we will focus on the use of cryptocurrencies in online casinos. If you want to know more and you are curious to know this type of payment, all you have to do is scroll and keep reading!

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Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin: let’s get into the details

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency generated through a series of codes. They are a kind of autonomous currency that goes beyond the banking and government systems. The cryptocurrency uses a cryptographic system to ensure the security of the various transactions. You can also sell and buy them like any other good. It was created to provide an alternative online payment method. Because they are not run by the government, their economy is controlled and regulated by a specific peer-to-peer Internet protocol.

The first cryptocurrency developed was Bitcoin, launched in 2009 by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Currently the best known and most used in the world. There are now another 1000 different types of cryptocurrencies in circulation.

The peculiar feature of cryptocurrency is the slow “production”. In fact, a really limited number of coins will be in circulation, about 21 million.

In addition to Bitcoin, other examples of cryptocurrencies are:

Ethereum; Litecoin; Ripple; Doge Coin.

How do you choose an online casino where you can also play slot machines?

It is advisable to take a detailed tour of the various casinos with government licenses previously named. You should evaluate all the basics to try to play in the best way possible:

The variety of games with a high RTP (Return To Player) that can guarantee you a wide choice of different types of slot machines, roulette and card games in general; The bonuses and promotions that these casinos have at the beginning can and in the meantime can ensure you a number of economic benefits in return. Bonus like the “welcome” bonus that can provide you with a good starting point to start with. Or the “first deposit” bonus, which depending on the casino can bring you an economic return of up to 50% of the total amount issued. Finally, you can receive a “loyalty” bonus. This is usually achieved by the most regular customers and the hard-working players who incur huge expenses. Last but not least, it is useful to find out, through blogs and forums, about the actual security of these casino sites, in order to avoid scams. For example, online casinos that promise too many bonuses and promotions must turn up their noses. If you have a cryptocurrency and an online account, you must choose certain online casinos with a gambling license from Curaçao and Malta, which allow this exchange of digital money.

How do you sign up for an online casino to play slot machines as well?

Registration is the same as in classic casinos where a system of government coins is used. Once you have filled in the personal data form, you must then choose the payment method with the cryptocurrency account. Once you have chosen your currency and made a minimum deposit, you can finally play and enjoy the online service and especially the bonuses listed above.

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One of the main advantages is complete security in payment. In fact, the transaction takes place through two elements: the sender (the player) and the recipient (the online casino). This process, as specified in the previous paragraph, is called peer-to-peer. There is therefore no possibility of a theft of your cryptocurrency, with the awareness of having an absolute security system of 99%.

Bitcoin casinos are usually not required to have a gaming license. However, for their own legal protection, truly reliable casino sites strive to achieve this. Especially to safeguard the confidence of the player who chooses that casino.


In this article we have highlighted how secure and advantageous it is to register on an online casino site with cryptocurrency as an alternative payment method. The peer-to-peer system really guarantees you a digital “safe”. Before registering, a series of assessments that allow a licensed casino to play in order for mutual protection between player and casino is essential. So the licensed casinos of the government of Curaçao and the government of Malta are the ones that are reliable and recommended to start playing.

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