Henderson business making slot machines for casinos around the world

HENDERSON (KTNV) – Casino floors here in the valley are filled with slot machines. However, do you ever wonder who makes them, or what goes into creating one?

In this week’s Nevada Built, 13 Action News anchor Kalyna Astrinos heads to Henderson, where she learned that teamwork is crucial in the slot business.

“I feel like every different turn, it’s a new little surprise,” Astrinos said.

“Yeah, they’re all new machines that we have set up. This is our hardware machine,” said Sophia Briski, HR director at VSR Industries.


VSR Industries


The 100,000-square-foot facility is a playground of the latest and greatest equipment.

“This is where a lot of our employees will start to get them ready for ‘wrap and pack’ – when they start to put them on the pallets and wrap them up and get them ready for shipment,” Briski said.


VSR Industries

VSR Industries is on Mountain Vista Street near Sunset Road. The company was founded in 1969 as a safe and lock company.

Today, their team of more than 300 employees create not only one-of-a-kind locks, but also manufacture slot machines and ship them to clients all over the world – including Las Vegas.


Briski says working together plays a key role in building each machine from scratch. It’s something you may see every day here in Las Vegas, but never think about it.

“A lot of hard work and tenacity goes into building these that everybody, including tourists, take for granted as they’re just walking through a casino and playing on them,” Briski said. “They don’t see how intricate and complicated they can be.”

Each machine could have more than 200 parts.


VSR Industries

With a process so complex, maintaining company culture and retaining employees is just as important as the manufacturing – and something the company hopes will continue to help drive their success.

“We need employees to run them and drive them. So it’s important for us to not only bring them in, train them, keep them. Keep them happy and continue their work here and allow them to elevate throughout the company so they can continue being here for another 50 years, “Briski said.

VSR Industries has four locations in the valley. It’s woman-owned and they ship nationwide to 48 states and 32 countries worldwide.

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