Closure of LAN and eSports rooms throughout Italy –

This is not a provision based on a health emergency, but a dispute that arose following a recent online gambling report. The popularity of these locations has increased in recent years thanks to the growing passion for video games, understood by many as a real sport. In Italy, however, there is no real regulation for this type of activity, just as eSports are not fully recognized.

The main problem arises from the fact that some of these rooms allow their visitors to gamble online, without any guarantee given by licenses or rules. Other sites, on the other hand, are strictly controlled and regulated, as are all online casino platforms.

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According to the CEO of Led srl Sergio Milesi, the LAN and eSports rooms are all close to a type of game that involves winning money, in an area where laws and taxation cannot be applied accordingly as well as for example in the rooms slot. The resulting problems were immediately linked to the closure of some facilities, accused of illegal gambling, and the voluntary closure of activities with the intention of protecting themselves.

The law includes details only in rooms where the use of billiards and billiards is planned, without including the important presence of PCs and video game consoles. In fact, this is dated 2003, the year in which it was still far from the birth of such premises. However, many oppose these statements, saying that LANs and eSports include cash winnings only in the context of specific competitions and tournaments, and not everywhere is the opportunity to gamble and bet.

There is a lack of despair in the face of legislative issues. The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy has already spoken on the issue, acknowledging the importance of these laws. However, it will be very difficult to frame this type of structure also due to the technology that is always moving and changing. The identification of these rooms is also necessary through the provision of lists on the equipment granted and used. Due to the constant technological updates, however, it will be very complex to align the needs and novelties of the rooms with the specifications of the standards.

Although many businesses are currently suffering losses, the creation of laws could also have positive consequences. In fact, this state intervention could help in the recognition of eSports as a real professional activity, involving more people and facilitating companies in the sector in their regulated expansion. Championships in these disciplines will become more common and important. This is a key step in the growth and investment opportunities of this important area, which is already advancing in other European countries.

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