Free Spin: Why is the casino welcome bonus most loved by players?

Free spins are a bonus that everyone hopes to get every time they visit an online casino. Whether it’s players who have yet to create a gaming account or loyal users with old-fashioned registration, there are usually several options for claiming bonuses that allow you to save your coins and play slot machines for free.

The best online casinos, in fact, always have at least one offer that allows you to collect free spins: the focus in this regard is especially on new members, but even standard users can redeem this great bonus. An example? Just visit this list of free spins offered by secure and ADM licensed casinos.

So why are Free Spins so popular and sought after? To find out everything you need to know about the most popular bonuses of online casinos, just keep reading.

What to do with Free Spins?

It is certainly no coincidence that Free Spins are offered by all the best online casinos both during registration and as a weekly or monthly offer. This bonus allows players to enjoy a number of benefits which, of course, translates into more traffic and users for the platform as well. But why is it so convenient to pick up free spins and what can you do at the casino that releases them? Here are some answers:

They allow you to test how a casino works – the most important reason to ask for a bonus is not to win money thanks to the number of free spins you get, but it is the best way to review the digital gaming site. The Free Spin bonus is a great way to discover features such as depositing, withdrawing and exploring game schedules, giving you a real chance to win real money using free coins – casinos allow their users, whether they are new or old players. , to get real cash prizes after reaching the payout requirement to redeem the coins won with the bonus, not only for simple slot machines – Free Spins not only offer the opportunity to play slot machines for free they also allow you to access gameplay that offers better prizes, such as tournaments. Allowing players to use Free Spins as coins or coins to place a bet on participating in tournaments also allows them to win the prize pools placed by them or, alternatively, to earn bonus points to increase the level of the program. VIP: The risk of betting is zero – whether you win or lose thanks to coin bonuses, in the end you always win. As you don’t have to spend your real money to test the slots, you can always enjoy a risk-free experience, leaving the balance of the game account unchanged. to slot machines already known or that they are particularly welcome. Free Spins, on the other hand, can only be tied to certain games or titles issued by a specific provider, so they lead to experimenting with new slots.

How to get Free Spins?

There are a variety of ways to collect free spins for slot machines. Of these, the most well-known opportunity is certainly the one given by the no deposit bonuses offered by casinos when registering a new game account. This offer allows you to redeem the bonus without having to top up in real money and is automatically awarded as soon as you sign up. This is certainly the easiest and easiest way to get free spins, but it should be noted that this type of bonus generally requires very high wagering requirements to be able to turn the coins you have won into withdrawable money.

Welcome bonuses can also offer Free Spin “on the first deposit”, ie free spins are activated after registration and a first recharge of minimum and variable amount from casino to casino. Compared to free spins without a deposit, this type of bonus requires lower wagering requirements, since the platform wants to reward the player who has already made a first deposit into the game account.

Another way to redeem Free Spins is to participate in internal casino promotions. These can be:

weekly, monthly, periodic, permanent.

An example of a weekly promotion is the one that on the weekend, in front of a deposit of at least € 5, offers 10 free spins on one of the slot machines chosen by the gaming platform. The slots offered, in this case, can change from week to week, which gives users the opportunity to try a wide variety of games for a really small amount of cash.

Monthly promotions are often agreed upon with providers and allow you to redeem a variable number of Free Spins for use on the slots of a particular software house when you recharge your gaming account. The providers that often participate in this kind of initiative are NetEnt, PragmaticPlay, Novomatic, Playtech and Cristaltec.

Periodic Free Spin offers are triggered within specific time limits and are often associated with promotional events such as tournaments or the addition of a new gaming provider to the casino. To participate in these events it is often necessary to register with a minimum fee and among the prizes up for grabs, generally for the lowest positions, there are also free rounds.

Permanent promotions are a special type of offer that can only be found on the best casinos. The same, for example, can provide that on a given day of the week, by recharging € 10 on the game account you can redeem a variable number of free spins to play on the slots indicated in the terms and conditions.


Free Spins are a great opportunity to test the features and services offered by the casino, easily obtainable by signing up for a new gaming account on it or with weekly top-ups thanks to the platform’s internal promotions. One of the most interesting aspects of this type of bonus is that the winnings obtained with Free Spins can be converted into real money, meeting the wagering requirements set out in the terms and conditions of the bonus itself.

To make this short review complete and honest, however, it’s worth remembering that the Secure Free Spin bonuses are only those offered by the best ADM-licensed online casinos. The site that does not have the tricolor rudder mark cannot in fact guarantee the player the maximum security of the game software, as well as the protection of his sensitive data or related to his account. Many illegal sites, among other things, lure the unwary player with Free Spin offers that offer a decidedly high number of free spins: in these cases it is often impossible to withdraw winnings, just as it is impossible to contact support for explanations. . In these cases, there are no preventive measures against gambling, the spread of which, as this article shows, is also increasing among young people.

Although Free Spins allow you to take advantage of free games, therefore, it is good to always play responsibly and put the security of your loved ones always above the curiosity of the game or the desire to try to win.

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