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In Italy there are many people who gamble at various times of the day. Gaming is booming, especially after the closures made necessary to counter the spread of Covid, which pushed many of those who played in bars with physical slot machines to fold on the web.

For those who risk money online, however, it is crucial to be able to count on it safe casino. Unfortunately, not all operators that offer games on the web are. In this article we aim to help readers to do so and thus lay the groundwork so that they can think exclusively of having fun on various slots and games. To succeed, however, you need to opt for secure online casinos like the ones on this list, without which the issue remains, for players, simply on paper.

Secure online casinos for maximum guarantee

The starting point of our review of secure online casinos can only be the indication of the fact that all gambling is risky. However, they can be even more so if you do not choose a site that can ensure security every day for players who open an account.

A speech valid also and especially online, where over the years a large number of players, in Italy and in every part of the world, has been the victim of all kinds of deception.

For those who want to play their money on the web with poker software, roulette or make free spins on slot machinesit is mandatory to understand that free bonuses granted after the payment of the minimum deposit, software, the ability to play live or with a mobile app are certainly important details, but less than the security conditions that the best casinos are able to offer customers .

Our review on existing secure online casinos in Italy for games on the web, it aims to make this basic fact clear. In this way, in fact, it is possible to spend pleasant hours with gaming, with bonuses or using real money, without having to worry too much about any scams by fraudulent operators.

The importance of a former AAMS ADM license

When looking for information on the best safe Italian online casinos for online gaming, one of the most important details for everyone is the enjoyment of a license issued by ADM (Customs and Monopolies Agency) to the site. The reason is that Italy is entrusting ADM, and previously AAMS, with delicate tasks of gambling supervision.

This agency sets very strict standards that must be met and those who do not can not get a license. In practice, the site must meet very strict standards in terms of player safetyeven more than game software, available deposit payment methods, proposed free welcome bonuses, or live and mobile apps.

The choice of safe online casinos to play in Italy must start from this base, gathering the information and all the details available on the various sites, to ensure at least a healthy and quality gaming. Not taking this into account before you start spinning on slots or other games, free or not, is a very serious mistake for potential customers, which can be avoided by choosing safe online casinos. A category that certainly includes those once dismissed by AAMS and now by the Customs and Monopoly Agency.

The game must be responsible

As we mentioned in this review, play free bonus or real money at roulette, poker or slot machines, live or via mobile app, can be dangerous, even on the best secure online casinos licensed by a state agency. Too many players, in fact, fail to contain the game in acceptable terms during the site visit. However, all those who make a minimum payment, open a deposit and play money on various software, or live or on a mobile app with operators in the flesh, should be kept safe to prevent this from happening.

That is why ADM – AAMS always demands compliance with the basic conditions for customers, those of the Responsible Gaming. To obtain a license, a site must offer it to Italian players safe methods of self-exclusion from the game activity, or establish a maximum ceiling of money to bet on the various games during a visit. A completely understandable policy, considering the very high number of players suffering from gambling addiction.

Just take a quick look at this article to better understand not only the figures for gaming in Italy, but also the risks associated with it. This real pathology is in fact more and more frightening, as too many Italians have ruined themselves economically with gambling sites on the web.

If gaming is a way to spend time, it’s better play healthy. Secure online casinos are a guarantee even in this particular aspect, too often underestimated by many, with easily imaginable consequences.

Best Secure Online Casinos: How to Find Them

In order to find the best ADM – AAMS safe online gambling casinos on the web, in addition to security, in a review you should always sift through other important information for customers. Among them we remember:

i payment methods available on the site, also in terms of number; i free welcome bonus to play roulette, especially free spins on slot machines, poker or other board games; the presence of a mobile app and one live section, or with meat and bone croupiers; the actual capacity of the customer service to process requests quickly.

After examining the information and ascertaining the safety conditions guaranteed by the operator, you can certainly proceed with the Definitive choice of the best secure online casinos for the game, paying the minimum amount of money in deposit to open an account at Italian sites with an ADM license, formerly AAMS.

At this point you will be able to receive the welcome bonus for depositing money, starting with free spins, and visiting the site every day to play slot machines or spin other games. To learn more about free spins read this article.


In our review of secure online casinos we have highlighted how those who want to play in Italy every day with online software and spin on slot machines, poker or roulette, too often underestimated the importance of security methods on the site they are visiting. This important feature, typical of secure online casinos, is always removed in favor of information such as free bonuses, in particular in the form of free spins, payment terms or number of games available on the platform.

However, it is a mistake, because in order to be sure that you can play quietly for hours, each user should first check the conditions offered in this regard by a site, in the smallest details. The license of a state agency as an ADM (formerly AAMS) is a guarantee for every player visiting the best Italian gambling sites, making it safe.

Only once the security conditions proposed by the sites operating in Italy have been ascertained can other terms such as payment methods availablesoftware available, free spins on slot machines offered as a welcome bonus.

Choosing the best online gambling safe casino cannot be ignored by using this preliminary measure. Putting it in subordination, your money is at high risk. It is best to select an operator that adopts i principles of Responsible Gaming for their customers, in order to avoid dangerous drifts towards obsessive behaviors. You should always remember this fact so that you can be sure to choose the ideal sites to play your spin on the web.

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