Italian and European footballers who like to play at the casino

There are some European gamblers who, despite expensive cars, holidays and stunning villas, want to relax with online casino games. Let’s see some interesting stories.

There are so many football stories, maybe this is also the most beloved sport of all. And we like to tell when football stories are intertwined with stories of ordinary people, like those who love casino games. Passion that, in some cases, has also cost dear to some of these characters that we will mention in this article. Think, for example, of Boateng, who was excluded from Monza by a tour of a Swiss casino. But he is not the only one who has had such problems.

Buffon also got into trouble with justice when, for about ten years, he was involved in a bad football betting investigation in which the goalkeeper was accused of having bet millions of euros on some matches. The Carrara player has always defended himself against any insult, but it must be said that, for a long time, his name was associated with other names of famous footballers who, in previous years, had experienced the same scandal. We think of Beppe Signori (formerly Foggia, formerly Lazio) but also players like Paolo Rossi and Bruno Giordano shortly before the World Cup in Spain ’82. Of course, these are extreme cases, let’s say that playing at home, at the casino is clearly not a crime. Let’s see some names.

German casinos: the passion of some gamblers is strong

Casinos are the passion of some athletes, we understand that and even the best casinos in Germany, those where there are really many games available, have their admirers, at home and abroad. Think of a champion like Dietmar Hamann, a Liverpool and German midfielder who developed his love of casino games in England. Or Chopra, a Sunderland and Cardiff player who started playing for Newcastle at just 17 years old and found himself, at some point in his life, with around two million gambling debts, an example to avoid.

Domenico Matteo, a former Liverpool and Leeds player, was also struggling at some point in his life due to gambling debts but came out clean, now running a club in his hometown and advising other players not to venture into meaningless episodes but to play responsibly. This, in fact, is the only way to live gambling as fun and without making mistakes that can lead to debt or affect the family budget. Game education, then, is the right way to gamble that sense of lightness that is sometimes lost with playful writing.

What are the most popular games for footballers?

In addition to the bets (which are obviously legal in sports other than football) a typical footballer has always been fascinated by poker, a game of strategy and skill that allows anyone who wants to try not only fortunately but also above all, thanks to their ability to read the game and their opponents who, with more or less conscious gestures, can change the layout of the card hand. This type of card game, in fact, has nothing to do with luck but is also addictive, and above all, for the possibility of bluffing, and therefore deceiving the opponent even without having a favorable point.

But it’s not just poker: many players, in fact, love slot machines, which are a very fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled casino game that allows for great payouts with a budget that, in most cases, is really a few pennies. Of course, we also have high rakes slots where you can invest more money and it is obvious that many rich athletes prefer this type of machine. It is not, however, what teases the player’s mind but the opportunity to know, in real time, if the combination is right and if he has won. Whether it is little or not much, in fact, the emotion of winning is so immediate that it strikes everyone, rich and not rich, without a shadow of a doubt.

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